Coronavirus in pregnancy: symptoms, prevention, recommendations

Что делать если беременная заболела коронавирусом

Coronavirus pregnant - consider major symptoms, prevention and Advisory councils. Observe personal hygiene....

Coronavirus is approaching Europe. It is a threat to pregnant women? Check how expectant mothers should protect themselves from the virus from China. Could it be coronavirus in pregnant women how to treat and determine the symptoms COVID-2019.

Что делать если беременная заболела коронавирусом

Wuhan coronavirus is a dangerous pathogen that initially caused chaos in China, and today it reached Europe. According to the latest who talking about more than 81 thousand cases including more than 300 infected patients in Italy, about 60 in the UK, 20 in Germany, about a dozen in France and individual cases, inter alia in Belgium, Sweden or Croatia. Also the first cases were reported in Russia and Belarus.

For example, in Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania had not been any cases of coronavirus, but because of the speed of spreading of infection it is likely to reach these countries in the near future.

коронавирус симптомы у беременной

Coronavirus pregnant

Wuhan virus is a coronavirus COVID-2019, which leads to severe respiratory infections. People with reduced immunity are particularly at risk. Observations show that the highest mortality refers to older people living with the virus: deaths reported so far, have affected people over the age of 70 and 80 years.

However, people with weakened immune systems (HIV patients, post-transplant, chemotherapy, etc.), young children whose immune system is not yet fully Mature, and pregnant women are also at risk.

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