Coronavirus: in the U.S. people are talking about the confusion

Because coronavirus pandemic in some of the largest airports of America into chaos. The long wait and confusion....

When the US government Saturday rushed to implement restrictions on Mr. trump’s travel from Europe, which is part of an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus in some of the largest airports of America into chaos.

In Dallas, travelers tweeted photos of long winding lines at the airport. In new York, customs officers in paper and plastic masks boarded the flight from Paris. And in Chicago, where travelers reported that standing in line for hours, Governor George. B. Pritzker of Illinois said Mr. trump in a series of angry tweets about a long waiting, saying: “the Federal government must come together. NOW.

Paige hardy, American student dropouts in graduate school in London, fearing a wider travel ban, said that the series of confusing messages about the flight and after landing in Dallas caused alarm in the plane at the end of the Sabbath. On Twitter she posted a video that travelers are asked to raise their hands if they were in continental Europe. Due to the delay she also missed her connecting flight.

It really was like an apocalyptic scenario, “said Ms. hardy, who left many of their belongings in England and wasn’t sure if she can return.

The confusion arose when the concern about pandemic coronavirus, which is currently identified more than 2,700 people in the United States, and prompted Mr. trump to declare a state of emergency in the country.

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