Coronavirus – is the work of US – the theory of Chinese official

China puts forward a new theory about the origin of the coronavirus: a virus that could be embedded with soldiers of the U.S. army, visited Wuhan in October....

China puts forward a new theory about the origin of the coronavirus: this is an American disease, and it could be brought by members of the U.S. army, visited Wuhan in October.

There is no evidence to support this, but this idea has received the official approval of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China, whose representative accused us officials that they did not disclose what they know about the disease really.

China under diplomatic pressure due to early mistakes in this outbreak sought to deflect attention from these deficiencies in the country and abroad, and had now turned to a tortured practice charges internal problems in foreign entities.

“Conspiracy theory is the new, low front that they are clearly perceived as global competition for alerting the world about this crisis,” — said about the Chinese Julian B. Gewirtz, research fellow, Centre of international relations at Harvard’s Weatherhead.

In the United States, a number of politicians and media representatives have advanced relatively ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Speaking on Fox News, Senator Tom cotton, Republican from Arkansas, raised the question of what the virus was made by the Chinese government in the biochemical laboratory with a high level of security in Wuhan. Stephen K. Bannon, former chief strategist for Mr. trump, and rush Limbaugh, the conservative host of a talk show on radio, also put forward this theory which has been refuted by scientists.

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