Costa Luminosa passengers describe the chaos of the evacuation from France

Эвакуация с круизного лайнера Costa Luminosa

Costa Luminosa passengers describe the chaos of the evacuation from France because of the lack of food for the whole 24 hours, and other inconveniences. The news of the coronavirus....

A Charter flight carrying more than 230 Americans and more than 75 Canadians who were evacuated from the cruise ship Costa Luminosa in France, stopped on the tarmac in Atlanta for about five hours on Friday, as health officials learned that three of the evacuees were positive results for coronavirus.

According to two people who requested anonymity because they had no right to talk about this episode, the test results became known during the flight, which caused a delay of a few hours which upset, angered and scared those who were in the plane.

Эвакуация с круизного лайнера Costa Luminosa

All prepared”, — said 47-year-old Celia Edgar Nevis in a text message from the plane. “We will revolt“.

Itself reverse the trip was a painful night Odyssey: a bus with passengers for a few hours stuck in Marseille before boarding the flight to Atlanta. Left without food for more than 24 hours, they began to lose consciousness in the plane. Some had a strong cough.

Jennifer Catron,evacuated, who described himself as a wedding photographer with some medical experience, have described the chaotic, dramatic flight with maybe two dozen medical problems, some emergency, some relatively minor.

This aircraft is a medical disaster, “said Ms. Catron via e-mail during the flight.

French media reported that on Thursday landed more than 600 passengers, of which 75 were tested and 36 were positive for the virus, and none of them was French.

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