Countries have taken strict measures to contain the coronavirus

More and more countries are adopting or considering more stringent measures to prevent the entry of infected people and contain the coronavirus....

The global struggle around the world with the coronavirus has moved to a new level this weekend.

In Italy, cases of infection and deaths has increased dramatically over the past week, their number second only to China and the whole region of Lombardy blocked.
The share of the country accounted for more than 7350 109 of 400 cases in the world, which are common in at least 95 countries, and more than 360 of the approximately 3800 deaths.

More and more countries are adopting or considering more stringent measures to prevent the entry of infected people and contain outbreaks.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia has blocked access to towns and villages of Shiite Muslims in the East of the Kingdom securing the region in the governorate of Qatif, where we identified all 11 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country. A local Saudi media reported that the country will temporarily close all educational institutions and block travel to and from a number of countries in the region. The Kingdom has suspended pilgrimage to Holy Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina.

In Iran, which was hit hardest in the middle East, state media announced that all flights to Europe will be suspended indefinitely.

The Minister of health of France, one of the biggest problem areas in Europe, announced a ban on meetings of more than 1,000 people.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israel with 39 cases considering the fact that all Israelis and foreign citizens arriving from abroad, have passed the quarantine.

USA counted at least 539 cases in 34 States — Connecticut has reported its first case, and Washington announced that another patient is being treated for the coronavirus, died on Sunday — and the district of Columbia, which has reported 22 cases with a fatal outcome. The States of Washington, new York, California and Oregon declared emergencies. More and more schools closed across the country, causing concern about the closure of schools will affect the education, burdensome for families and destroy communities.

The U.S. army has suspended all transport in Italy and South Korea, which are currently the third largest hotspot in the world, until may 6. This order affects 4500 soldiers and their families. Finnish defence forces announced that the exercises planned for March 9-19 with Norway will be cancelled.

On Sunday, a leading U.S. expert on infectious diseases Dr. Anthony S. Fauci said it is possible that regional blocking may become necessary, and recommended those most at risk — the elderly and people with underlying diseases is to refrain from trips.

Dr. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, said that the administration is trump ready to “take all necessary measures” to contain the outbreak, including restricting travel to areas with a large number of cases.

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