Crossword Quiz 80’s Answers


Answers crossword quiz game for the 80’s category level 1 – 10, the most challenging crossword game in this week for android and iphone. This game built by random logic game a famous ga…...

Answers crossword quiz game for the 80’s category level 1 – 10, the most challenging crossword game in this week for android and iphone. This game built by random logic game a famous game developer for mobile device which also create guess the emoji game. Cheats for crossword quiz 80’s answers created by our team to help other player continue play the game when they’re stuck.

Crossword Quiz 80’s Answers

Level 1
number: 1 hints: emojis answers: SLICE
number: 1 hints: Beloved character from The Goonies that wore a Superman shirt on the movie answers: SLOTH
number: 2 hints: Pennywise the Dancing Clown answers: IT
number: 3 hints: emojis answers: ET
number: 4 hints: 1982 sci-fi film about a computer hacker abducted into the digital world answers: TRON
number: 5 hints: emojis answers: TOP GUN
number: 6 hints: A plush invertebrate animal toy that glows upon being squished answers: GLO WORM
number: 7 hints: Fictional reporter & good friends with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles answers: APRIL
number: 8 hints: Direct frogs to their homes one by one by crossing a busy road in this classic answers: FROGGER
number: 8 hints: Olympic medalist Florence Griffith Joyner’s nick name answers: FLO JO
number: 9 hints: A movie was made about this 80s American fashion model starring Angelina Jolie answers: GIA
number: 10 hints: Jumping toy with a figure 8 rubber ball attached to a plastic platform answers: POGO BALL
number: 11 hints: This all-American denim jean was very popular in the 80s answers: LEE
number: 12 hints: Life Cereal Ad answers: MIKEY

Level 2
number: 1 hints: ____ and the Holograms answers: JEM
number: 1 hints: The lead character in the ever so popular action packed movie Die Hard answers: JOHN
number: 2 hints: 17 year old protagonist of Dirty Dancing answers: BABY
number: 2 hints: Paisley kerchiefs worn on the head answers: BANDANA
number: 3 hints: Tom Hanks wakes up in an adult body in this fantasy comedy-drama film answers: BIG
number: 4 hints: emojis answers: NEON
number: 5 hints: emojis answers: JENGA
number: 6 hints: Synthetic stretchy and skin-tight fabric answers: SPANDEX
number: 7 hints: Outrageously bright and usually floral mid-length surfer shorts answers: JAMS
number: 8 hints: This wrestler is also known as Macho Man answers: SAVAGE
number: 8 hints: American late-night TV sketch comedy & variety show answers: SNL
number: 9 hints: emojis answers: VHS
number: 10 hints: emojis answers: SPLASH

Level 3
number: 1 hints: emojis answers: DUCK HUNT
number: 1 hints: Emmett LathropnBrown Ph. D. answers: DOC
number: 2 hints: ____ Brinkley answers: CHRISTIE
number: 3 hints: emojis answers: HE MAN
number: 4 hints: emojis answers: THE CLAPPER
number: 5 hints: One of America’s first popular alternative rock bands; also a sleep phase answers: REM
number: 6 hints: Back in Black is the all-time best-selling album by this Australian hard rock band answers: AC DC
number: 7 hints: This artist is known for her hits Girls Just Want to Have Fun & Time After Time answers: LAUPER
number: 8 hints: The alter-ego of Princess Adora and is the twin sister of He-Man answers: SHE RA
number: 9 hints: Paul Reuben takes on a Big Adventure for a stolen bicycle as this character answers: PEEWEE
number: 10 hints: AKA The Nature Boy. This wrestler is considered one of the greatest of all time answers: RIC FLAIR

Level 4
number: 1 hints: American actress best known for her role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off answers: MIA SARA
number: 2 hints: This wrestler is known as _______ the Giant answers: ANDRE
number: 3 hints: emojis answers: RUXPIN
number: 4 hints: emojis answers: MAD MAX
number: 4 hints: This series explores the adventures of a private investigator set in Hawaii answers: MAGNUM PI
number: 5 hints: emojis answers: GREMLINS
number: 6 hints: Variants of this hairstyle include Liberty Spikes Deathhawks & Frohawks answers: MOHAWK
number: 7 hints: Surfwear clothing brand later embraced by streetwear and hip-hop subcultures answers: STUSSY
number: 8 hints: CBS soap opera about the feud between two rival wealthy Texan families answers: DALLAS
number: 9 hints: emojis answers: KATHY

Level 5
number: 1 hints: emojis answers: RAT TAILS
number: 1 hints: emojis answers: RUBIKS CUBE
number: 2 hints: Popular toy that was a robototic arm/crane answers: ARMATRON
number: 3 hints: Video format that lost to VHS answers: BETAMAX
number: 4 hints: This strange yellow sphere ate pellets while being chased by ghosts answers: PAC MAN
number: 5 hints: emojis answers: SUPERMAN
number: 6 hints: Type of hairstlyle that gives your curls answers: PERMS
number: 7 hints: One of the first hip hop groups to hit mainstream success answers: RUN DMC
number: 8 hints: Blue yellow red and green have never been so difficult to memorize answers: SIMON

Level 6
number: 1 hints: emojis answers: WATCHMEN
number: 2 hints: emojis answers: TALK TALK
number: 3 hints: You better be careful when you reach 88 mph in this car answers: DELOREAN
number: 3 hints: emojis answers: DIE HARD
number: 4 hints: Best known for his role as Ferris Bueller’s best friend answers: ALAN RUCK
number: 5 hints: emojis answers: ALIENS
number: 6 hints: This brand was one of the earilest attempts to bring computing to everyday people answers: IBM PC
number: 7 hints: Rappers Eric B. & _____ answers: RAKIM
number: 8 hints: A twist on a classic soft drink that was short lived answers: NEW COKE

Level 7
number: 1 hints: emojis answers: ROBOCOP
number: 2 hints: The last name of these rats rhyme with a throwing disc toy answers: BRISBY
number: 3 hints: First name of the girl raised by foster parents in a TV series with the same name answers: PUNKY
number: 4 hints: Artist that was known for her covers like I Think We’re Alone Now answers: TIFFANY
number: 5 hints: Toy doll with signature red overalls answers: MY BUDDY
number: 5 hints: emojis answers: MAGIC
number: 6 hints: Teenager with genius intellect becomes a very young doctor in this TV series answers: DOOGIE
number: 7 hints: __________ I’m yours! answers: KUDOS
number: 8 hints: Dark fairy tale movie that stars Tom Cruise answers: LEGEND
number: 9 hints: This lucky rabbit is married to the beautiful Jessica Rabbit answers: ROGER

Level 8
number: 1 hints: Post-apocalyptic gang leader who wears a hockey mask answers: HUMUNGUS
number: 2 hints: Board game where you try to deduce who the other player is answers: GUESS WHO
number: 3 hints: Fly left or right shooting aliens and saving humans in this video game answers: DEFENDER
number: 4 hints: emojis answers: CHEERS
number: 4 hints: Model who got her first break on Bazaar magazine answers: CAROL ALT
number: 5 hints: This character is an absentee student that is always up to shenanigans answers: FERRIS
number: 6 hints: Member of the Goonies who has trouble telling the truth answers: CHUNK
number: 7 hints: TV series that followed the life of a divorced teacher answers: DEAR JOHN
number: 8 hints: Colorful skirts that were a fashion trend answers: TUTUS

Level 9
number: 1 hints: These former special forces soldiers became mercenaries after being framed answers: THE A TEAM
number: 2 hints: This sci fi sitcom character is a robot in the form of a 10-year-old human girl answers: VICKI
number: 3 hints: emojis answers: INDIANA
number: 4 hints: Illuminated light box toy with small colored plastic barrels used to draw images answers: LITE BRITE
number: 5 hints: emojis answers: EVIL DEAD
number: 6 hints: This hip hop trio’s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising won massive critical success answers: DE LA SOUL
number: 7 hints: Mad scientist accidently transmutes into an insect creature in this sci-fi horror film answers: THE FLY
number: 8 hints: emojis answers: IROC Z
number: 9 hints: This punk rock band’s London Calling was named the best album of the 1980s answers: THE CLASH

Level 10
number: 1 hints: Classic film derived from a play about a music protege answers: AMADEUS
number: 1 hints: Computer that shares its name with Steve Job’s first daughter answers: APPLE LISA
number: 2 hints: Pop band that was part of the second British Invasion answers: DURAN DURAN
number: 3 hints: emojis answers: AIRPLANE
number: 4 hints: Devilish villian from the movie Legend answers: DARKNESS
number: 5 hints: Russian made sedan that was popular in Europe answers: LADA RIVA
number: 6 hints: emojis answers: SCARFACE
number: 7 hints: Candy that is slang for going crazy answers: BONKERS

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