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Dance Arts Academy, in Los Angeles' Miracle Mile, offers lots of adult ballet supplemented by styles such as flamenco, modern, and Irish step dance....

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Dance Arts Academy

Basic Profile

Dance Arts Academy, in the Miracle Mile / Mid-Wilshire area south of the Fairfax District, offers a strong adult ballet program for dancers age 19+, along with a variety of international dances and styles such as tap and hip hop. Most of DAA’s 15+ ballet classes per week are for int/adv through professional dancers. Beginning and beg/int classes are also available.

As of fall 2012, Dance Arts Academy has a long-running weekly hip-hop class taught by an independent instructor and has just added a new Afro-Hip Hop Workout class. The Afro-Hip Hop Workout class is taught by a different independent instructor, Tatiana Zamir, who many students know from her popular Booiaka dance workout classes.

DAA’s selection of classes for children and adults has a focus on international styles, from flamenco to Irish step dance. Unlike many studios that offer a range of international styles, Dance Arts Academy typically has its largest selection at the int/adv to advanced level. Also likely to be offered are advanced contemporary and modern dance technique.

Many classes at Dance Arts Academy are taught by independent instructors. Prices for faculty-taught classes can be found on the studio’s web site, but the front desk may not be able to tell you the prices for independently taught classes, which are set by the individual instructors who rent space to teach at the studio. In our experience, independent classes are typically several dollars more expensive than faculty-taught classes.

Parking near the studio is a little bit complex, but there are some good free and inexpensive options! You just have to know where to park. To make your first visit smoother, we highly recommend checking out the Dance Arts Academy Directions page (detailed parking info is at the bottom) and possibly giving the front desk a call to make sure you have the most up-to-date info.

Dance Arts Academy is fairly easy to find if you remember that

  • DAA is in the block south of the intersection of WilshireBland La Brea Ave.
  • The studio is on the west side of La Brea Ave.
  • Dance Arts Academy is in the 700 block ofSouthLa Brea Ave.
  • If you reach 8th St, you’re south of DAA; if you reach 6th St, you’re north of DAA.

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