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Gym Crew Challenge 5 at Montalbán Theatre

Saturday, April 21, Gym Crew Challenge 5 goes down at Hollywood’s Montalbán Theatre! Nine crews of nonprofessional dancers from L.A. gyms will compete for the title of L.A.’s Best Gym Crew.

Congratulations, L.A. Gym Crew Challenge Winners!

Hip-Hop Dance Guide Los Angeles congratulates the winners ofL.A. Gym Crew Challenge 3! We’ve now obtained links to video of the crews’ performances.

Maxt Out Dance Competition “Homecoming”

This year is the Maxt Out Dance Competition’s 10th Anniversary! Maxt Out is produced and directed by Joanna Vargas of local studio Jayvee Dance, in Alhambra. Since 2001, Maxt Out has grown from 100 to over 600 dancers from ages 7 to adult.

Blackbird Dance Company’s All That Dance Competition

Blackbird Dance Company’s All That Dance Competition takes place Sunday, November 7.

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