Dead after 3 years, identified the

Almost 3 years ago, a hunter near biebelried (Bavaria) has found a corpse. Now the Dead man has been identified.

In the case of a stalk of the green rock discovered at the end of December 2015, the corpse of a man in a forest to the South of the main Frank parks. In spite of intensive investigations, the Dead could not be identified over a number of years.

30. October of this year, A 22-year-old Moldovan state then reports the twist in the case: pair with the officials of the local police Department. The young man turns on the presumption that it could be the dead its the end of 2015, the long-lost father.

The end of 2015, icon, image: Pixabay)was discovered in the vicinity of a highway Parking lot the corpse of an unknown man (

Father and son were in November 2015, together with a Bus from Bremen in the direction of Moldova. With a stay at the Parking lot of sand digging, the 52-year-old father disappeared without a trace. After a long Wait, the Bus drove in the direction of Moldova. The 52-remained for Years disappeared.

DNA studies have shown, however, without a doubt, it is the dead to the missing 52-year-old. The cause of death is still unclear. Witnesses may give in this case notes, please contact the local police Department.

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