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Dell Customer Service

GetDell Laptop/Computer Customer ServiceAndTechnical Support Phone Number. Dell is an international Laptop And Computer Manufacturing Company.Dell Computer Founded in 1939 near about 77 years ago. Dell headquarter based in Palo Alto, California.Dell Computer Provide Services for Notebook,Laptop, Computer’s,Mobile Phone’s Printer’s And Many Other Electronic Equipment.

General Common Problems With Dell Laptop/Computer’s

Dell Computer is Running Slow :That is the most basic problem that everone can be run slow because of many reason’s computer RAM is full, Memory is full, Internet speed is slow and becuase of virus’s and malware’s.

Downloads Are Taking Time :If you are using your computer and if you find your computer downloads are talking time that can be because of two reason’s one is that your browser is not up to date,second is becuase of if you are using slow internet connection.You can solve this problem by cleaning your computer cookies, updateing your browser or try to connect with your service provider.

Laptop/Computer Start Restarting :If your laptop computer start restarting automatic then you can solve this problem by checking you windows boot windows boot manger check weather your all file’s are up to date or not.

POP UP Ads Are Coming :From past few year’s virus pop up problem’s increasing day by day becuase of online scam you got any virus pop never call on that given number instead of that close you brower and try to reinstall that.

Computer Got Virus And Malware’s : If your computer got attack my virus you can reset your computer or you can scan your computer by good antivirus protection in the market.

Dell Laptop Fan is Not Working : If your Dell laptop fan start stop working then it can damge your computer RAM. To solve this problem you can contact Dell customer service number is given below.

Laptop Won’t Turn On :If your Laptop won’t turn on try to restart your computer in safe mode if same problem come contact Dell customer service department.

Dell Laptop/Computer Hard-Drive  Crashed : If your Dell Laptop computer hardrive crashed you can replace your hard disk and if you want to restore your data contact any technical support company for data recovery or contact Dell customer service.

Driver’s Problem :If you are facing computer driver’s problem that is not an big issue you can download all driver’s from Dell website for free of cost.


How To Fix Dell Laptop/Computer Common Problems

Fix Dell Laptop/Computer Slow Performance

By Restarting: Sometime computer performance can be fixed just only by restarting the computer.

Remove Unwanted Background Programs :By removing unwanted background apps your computer can be fixed some apps or programs take too much computer RAM that makes laptop/computer performance slow.

By Cleaning Temporary And Junk Files: You can increase your computer performance by cleaning temporary files from the computer.

Using External Drive’s :You can also use external hard disk to increase your computer performance.

By Using Disk Defragmenter : Disk defragmenter is very handy tool to increase your computer performance by using disk defragmenter you can open up your computer slots.

By Scanning Your Computer With Malware/Virus : Malware can also cause computer/laptop to run slow for that you can scan your computer with good malware or virus protection tool.

Update Your Windows Regularly: By update ting your computer regularly you can also increase your computer performance.

Phone: 800-624-9897

  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 5 for customer service
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Mon-Sat: 8am-9pm CT
      Sun: 10am-7pm CT
    • Dell Computer Customer Service Link
      • Click Here
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