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Dishwasher Parts and Repair Help

Dishwasher Parts and Repair Help


Follow these steps to spruce up your dishwasher this February and make your dishes sparkle:

  • If your dishes are not getting as spotlessly clean as they should be, there is probably not enough water getting into the machine. This is usually caused by a broken or worn water inlet valve. These valves, located behind the lower kick panel, need replacing every 3-7 years, depending on water conditions in your area. Most appliance owners can make this simple repair. It requires a few common tools such as an adjustable wrench, a Phillips head screwdriver, and adjustable pliers. To find the right water inlet valve for your dishwasher, visit
  • Inspect and clean your dishwasher. You do not need to clean the interior of your machine if you use it regularly. If you do not use it for a week or more and your machine begins to have an odor, you can clean it with Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner and Deodorizer.
  • Repair broken and rusted dishwasher racks. If the plastic coating is wearing off, the dish rack tines will corrode and rust. The rust particles could get into the pump and cause more serious problems. Prior to making the repair, be sure to clean the rusted spots on the dishwasher rack with household sandpaper – this will make the repair last much longer. If the rust spots are on the cross-members of the racks, you can use this paint-on coating.
  • Clean the filter. On many basic and/or European dishwashers, there’s a filter near the bottom, or under the lower spray arm, that needs regular cleaning. If your machine has this sort of filter, consult your owner’s manual for how to remove and clean it. If the filter is damaged, replace it to protect the dishwasher’s pump and motor seals.
  • Clean the spray arms. Over time, small holes in the spray arms of your machine may become clogged with leftover particles. Take a moment to clean them out to ensure the best performance from your dishwasher. And, if you find glass in the spray arm, there are probably glass pieces in the pump housing as well. You may want to disassemble the pump to check and clean it as well. Also, the glass may have damaged the motor spin seal. If this has happened, you will often see a water leak at the main pump motor and the motor spin seal should be replaced.

Make your dishes spotless and beautiful this spring!

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