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Current hunting seasons and the lunar brightness of the calendar, we put them online in the Service section. Here you will also find interesting Download, many wild game recipes, as well as DJZ-TV-tips for hunters.

TITLE: Selected

A weak deer less. Good for the pan, good for the stock. Even if the word selection has an “Aftertaste”, it is wild, biologically meaningful, and ensures healthy, strong, Wild.

  • Panel of experts: Bockhege with the rifle
  • Ricken and kids: Always on the Weak
  • Gender Ratio: Womanizer
  • Debate: Protect or grab?
  • Hunting Release: Driven Bucks


If necessary, shoot!
The hunting dog is in danger. Worse still, The green rock is attacked by the Wolf’s massive. In such cases, everything is permitted. DJZ-lawyer Dr. Heiko Granzin “takes no prisoners”.

Ralf, the film master
Since 10 years there is DJZ-TV. As a presenter and camera man, Ralf Bonn is kessen. What he’s doing otherwise …

2 Devices, 1 Goal
ZF and odometer to communicate via Bluetooth. SIG-Sauer with the BDX a cheap Sniper Set.

Cut to length!
It is the Fox. Him at the Pass, ambush is a good Chance to make loot. What to look for, Alexander Schmook summarized.

More Fox Hunting…

In black and white
Snow in the area. Anywhere exchange and broken. Since the hunter attack Bush and get Stuck. Stalking on sows is one of the most exciting types of hunting. The tips and Tricks.

Small G is quite large
You have been waiting for! Hardly a re-issue was so looking forward to, as opposed to the Suzuki Jimny. More Ride Reports…

Other Equipment Topics:

  • Ammunition: RWS Short Barrel
  • Equipment Magazine More Market Information …
  • Riflescope: Hawke 1-4 x 24

On your toes (not just for women): Cleverly engineered

Whether in the pulpit, when hunting or in the evening in front of the fireplace. The cold winter months are an excellent time to time, the embroidery thread to unpack.

The motive for the Nachsticken you will find here soon…

Ever pheasant breast skewer with Hokkaido pumpkin tried? Henrik Elbers shows how it is done.

For cold days: With Markus Lück and his Thermomix you can cook soup in a hot Jerusalem artichoke.

More recipes available here Online …

  • Dog food: vitamin rich diet
  • Dog Behavior: Aggression
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