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DK Dance Factory in Valley Village, CA, a noncompetitive studio that’s welcoming to adult beginners, offers a comfortable, accepting class environment and patient instructors....

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About DK Dance Factory

DK Dance Factory in Valley Village, CA, a noncompetitive dance studio for all ages, offers a comfortable, accepting environment and classes led by patient instructors. For some people, says owner Daiana Koren, going to the studios in nearby North Hollywood where professional dancers train and audition can be intimidating. So she opened DK Dance Factory to provide an alternative. Daiana wishes to share the happiness and sense of freedom dance brings her with young people, adults who are new to dance, and anyone who desires a friendly, relaxed, and supportive space to explore movement and release their inner dancer.

At DK Dance Factory,Daianasays, “I wanted to cater to the ones who never had an opportunity to dance, or couldn’t afford it, or just want to do it for cardio reasons and don’t like the gymenvironment.”

Daiana wishes to share the happiness and
sense of freedom dance brings her.

With an adult schedule oriented toward beginning-level classes, DK Dance Factory offers a community where an inexperienced dancer can easily find someone to share or relate to their experiences. And Daiana strives to put newcomers at ease.

“It’s rewarding for me,” she says, when a first-time dancer comes out of class smiling.

Set back from the street at the rear of a long, low house-style structure, DK Dance Factory’s dance studio faces Laurel Canyon Bl. The main entrance to the lobby is at the back, directly accessible from the parking lot behind the studio. At work behind thelobby’s tall front counter, Daiana leans around the side to wave and say hello to dancers as they arrive.

You may also find others waiting to greet you. The elder generation ofDaiana’sclose-knit European family are big fans of the studio, often dropping by just to welcome students and make everyone feel at home. So if you get the chance to meetDaiana’sfamily members, be sure to give them a big smile and hello!

Daianalikes to create ambiance for dancers at the studio to enjoy, including dressing up DK Dance Factory for the holidays. As Valentine’s Day 2011 approached, gorgeous red and white heart ornaments hung by ribbons from a row of small spotlights across the center of the lobby.

At the end of an evening class, sometimes students dance by the light of colored spotlights in the ceiling that reflect off the studio’s silver disco ball.

When she decorated, Daiana chose a deep red paint for the dance studio’s walls.

“There’s this amazing energy the color red has,” Daiana explains, that’s both powerful and empowering.

And rich color makes the space more intimate. Daiana hopes the studio will draw you into a different world for an hour as you forget your stresses and dance.

Leave Your Inhibitions at Home

“I feel like when you dance there’s no right or wrong,” says Daiana. “It’s just the freedom to express yourself via your body. There’s nothing more refreshing than being able to do that, for me.”

Especially for adult dancers, she says, “I want them to feel like this is where they can come and just let loose, and not be judged.”

Burlesque classes are popular here, as many women at the studio enjoy exploring their sensual side. So Daiana choreographed a “Goddesses of Dance” show that she put on at the studio in March 2009. This special evening for the studio’s adult dancers offered belly dance and burlesque class members the opportunity to perform.

Adult Dance Classes Are for Adults

You won’t be out of place at this studio if you’re no longer a twenty-something! The hip-hop class has a younger average age, but many students in Daiana’s jazz class are in their 40s and 50s, she says.

And adult students often prefer to take class with other adults, so adult dance classes at DK Dance Factory are for students age 18 and up.

This is a family-oriented studio, so sometimes an exception is made for a parent and younger teen who want to take class together and feel more comfortable taking the adult class. But for the most part, you’ll find mixed ages of adults.



Living in West Hollywood, DK Dance Factory ownerDaianaKorenbegan her dance training at Regina’s Studio of Performing Arts. Her primary love was ballet, but as a member of the studio’s performance team, she also developed a passion for hip hop.Daianaenjoys working out and attending arts performances.



All the Details: DK Dance Factory

Contacting the Studio

Phone and E-Mail

DK Dance Factory’s e-mail account sends an immediate automated reply to let you know your message was received, and didn’t get lost in the spam folder. Reply time for a personal response to your e-mail is usually right away, the studio says, but may be from a few hours to within 24 hours.

Reply turnaround for a voice message is normally right away or within a few hours.

Studio Hours

DK Dance Factory is generally open during class hours, but the studio is reachable by phone all day.

Social Media

Facebook Profile

DK Dance Factory is active on Facebook and posts news of upcoming classes and specials. The studio also posts some class videos.

YouTube Channel

DK Dance Factory has a DKDANCEFACTORY YouTube channel. The studio has just a few videos online, but you can see owner Daiana Koren’s Teen Hip-Hop class choreography. (Daiana is not the teacher of the adult class.)

Studio News

DK Dance Factory E-Mail List

DK Dance Factory has an e-mail list. The studio doesn’t send out a lot of e-mails; mostly just when there’s an upcoming workshop, new class, or holiday closure.

How to Join the E-Mail List

To join the DK Dance Factory e-mail list, just e-mail Daiana your request to be added.

Class Information

Class Schedule

The class schedule is available on the DK Dance Factory Schedule page (see Studio Info box at top of profile sidebar).

Daiana feels it’s important to treat her studio community with respect, and will call or e-mail to let class members know if there will be a sub or a class has to be canceled.

In the infrequent event of a cancelation, Daiana contacts the class members and is often able to arrange a make-up class time that works for everyone.

If a class at DK Dance Factory must start late for any reason, it will run over its scheduled time so that you receive your full class hour.

Class Prices

Prices for single classes and prices and policies for class series cards are available on the Pricing page of the DK Dance Factory web site. DK Dance Factory’s adult classes are ongoing, drop-in classes.

Visiting DK Dance Factory

Policies and Things to Know

Being on Time

The studio is flexible on arrival time, so don’t worry if you’re running a bit late.

If, on the other hand, your class starts late for any reason, it will also run past its scheduled end so that you receive your full class hour.

Age Range

The minimum age for adult classes is 18. As the studio is family friendly, occasional exceptions may be made for a parent and younger teen who wish to take an adult class together.

First-Time Students

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your first class to complete the studio’s registration and liability waiver form.

In the Dance Studio

Please don’t bring food or beverages other than water into class with you. Please turn off your cell phone for the duration of class.

Class Payment

Payment information is available on the DK Dance Factory Pricing page. DK Dance Factory accepts cash, and personal checks.DK Dance Factory no longer accepts credit cards.

Please remember to pay at the front desk before entering class!

Water and Snacks


The studio has a water cooler in the lobby.


DK Dance Factory does not sell any snacks.

Restaurant Meals

The studio is located within a few blocks of a coffee shop, a convenience store, and a large supermarket. Restaurant fare can also be found nearby.

Studio Features and Amenities

Changing for Class

There is a single-occupancy, unisex restroom located through the doorway at the back of the dance studio, to the left. The restroom is an appropriate place to change clothes, and there are no separate changing rooms.

However, you’ll need to walk across the dance floor to reach the restroom. So while you are welcome to change at the studio, we recommend arriving dressed for class if possible, to minimize disruption to your fellow dancers.

Clothing and Other Goods

The studio has DK Dance Factorydancewearavailable for purchase.

Waiting Areas and Lounges

Front Lobby

The front lobby of the studio is right inside the entrance, which is at the back of the building, directly accessible from the parking lot.

Outdoor Patio

Just outside the studio entrance is a small outdoor patio. (Smoking is permitted.)

Dance Floor

DK Dance Factory has a sprung hardwood dance floor.

Navigating to the Studio

Finding the Studio

DK Dance Factory is on the west side of Laurel Canyon Bl, between Chandler Bl and BurbankBl, just a few blocks north of the 101 freeway.

The studio is in a long, low building, among other storefronts. Among the many signs, it’s easy to miss the red-on-white “DK Dance Factory” sign on the wall of the building at night. You may also be able to spot a sign saying “5511 Laurel Canyon Parking in Rear.”

Perhaps the easiest to pick out are the green-on-white signs for a neighboring business. The one on the wall reads “+ H.H.C. Unit ‘C.'” Another sits on the right-hand side of the driveway, marked “+ H.H.C.” This is the correct driveway to enter!

The driveway is long and narrow, and the walls are covered in green vines. As you begin to pull into the driveway, you can check for a small sign on the right-hand wall that reads “DK Dance Factory, Park in Rear.”

Parking Options

Parking Lot

There’s a free parking lot behind the dance studio (see Navigating to the Studio section above). There are quite a few spaces, and there are usually security guards watching over the lot, which is nice for late evening classes.

The studio’s entrance is at the southeast corner of the lot.

Street Parking on Laurel Canyon Bl

When parking, always check street signs on the block to verify details.

Street parking is available in front of the studio on Laurel Canyon Bl.

Public Transportation

DK Dance Factory by Subway

DK Dance Factory is extremely close to the subway! The closestL.A. Metro train stop is the Orange Line’s Laurel Canyon stop, at Chandler Bl and Laurel Canyon Bl. The studio is just half a block north on Laurel Canyon Bl.

DK Dance Factory by Bus

TheL.A. Metro bus appears to have good service in the area of the studio. (See Timetables tab.)


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