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Does your voice Praise, Does your voice Command ,Does your voice Correct...

Does your voice whine, bark or growl?

Dogs understand the tone of our voice more quickly than the meaning of our words.Their communication fits into three basic categories — whine, bark, growl.

Does your voicePraise(“Happy talk”)(whine)

  • – High-pitched, enthusiastic
  • – If praising correctly, Lizzie will respond by wagging tail.
  • – find the tone that makes Lizzie look happy when you praise her.

Does your voiceCommand(bark) mid-range to neutral

  • – Not requesting, but telling Lizzie.
  • – No nonsense, matter of fact, short words.
  • – be direct when commanding

Does your voiceCorrect(growl) guttural tone

  • – Never done with anger
  • – use deep serious tone for corrections. NO YELLING.
  • – Stay calm

So, does your voice whine, bark or growl to Lizzie?




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