ELeaf iStick 50W

If the iStick becomes much bigger, eLeaf won’t be able to call it a “stick” anymore.

They will have to rename it the “iChubby” or something. Its measurements are 83 x 45 x 23 mm.

As designers fill it with more battery power, it can’t retain the original slender shape of a 20W or 30W. But for now the eLeaf iStick 50W mod is still small enough to be light and portable.

One Powerful Battery

The 4400-mAh battery inside this 50W mod stays put so you don’t need a magnetic back or a screwdriver to get into and out of the machine. Instead, just plug her into a USB outlet and vape while allowing 5 hours to charge the cell. After the battery is fully charged, go back to operating it as a handheld wireless vaping machine for high-vegetable glycerin e liquids.

Watch Numbers Climb

You now have the option of going from 5 watts to 50 watts and from 2 volts to 10 volts when you set up the eLeaf iStick 50W for an hour of vaping or more. Two buttons for adjusting up and down can be locked so you are unable to accidentally alter their position then unlocked when you feel like a change. You will see volt and watt values change position inversely with ohms. A smart chip inside the iStick 50W detects the resistance of your atomizer. Vapers choose very low ohms for high watt vaping and vice versa. Vape at a low of 0.5 ohms with this upgraded iStick.

Those figures appear on a neat OLED screen. Most screens appear to have been cut out of the metal in an oval shape. Here there is a black strip along one side which becomes a screen after you turn on the mod. That’s slick. Your ohms and other values will show up here but you should also test those using a reliable meter just to be sure readings are accurate.

Alarmed Guard

You have heard of armed guards: eLeaf installed an alarm to guard you against high temperatures. Over-vape or block the vent and this machine could rise up to 70C.

That is when the alarm goes off to warn you and the box shuts off. The vibrant, clear screen displays “temperature protection” for a short while. You are also protected against accidental firing with a 5-click on/off mechanism.

High temperatures are a part of life with variable watt mods, and that can lead to internal damage or user injury.

USB Charge

Locate the USB port at the top-side where it does not get in the way should you wish to stand the mod up with its tank on, still full of juice, and take a break from vaping. A few devices have located their USB ports at the bottom: not a smooth move.

Pick and Atty

Attaching an atomizer of your choice is made easier by the adjustable, spring-loaded pin. If this had been fixed, only atomizers made for the iStick 50W or to very similar specifications would have sit comfortably and looked right with this device. An adjustable pin lets you fix another brand of 510-threaded atomizer to the threading portal, but eLeaf makes some good candidates.

ELeaf Atomizers

They made the MELO specifically to work with an iStick 30W, but at this level or lower, the MELO will still function well on the iStick 50W.

Choose their Alpha, Lemo Drop, or Magoo-S: all of them are rebuildable atomizers. The Alpha and Magoo-S are referred to as DIY atomizers by the manufacturer.

Other brands of lovely tank atomizers include the Kanger Sub-Tank and Aspire Atlantis. Any RDA will also work, but some will appear too large for their platform.

Buy an iStick 50W from eLeaf

Go to virtually any major e cig vendor online or one of many brick-and-mortar locations across the United States and you will find this device in at least one or two of its 4 colors (blue, silver, pink, or black). Online prices start at around $50 but the batteries are already inside. You just need to add an atomizer.

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