Electric Range Small Radiant Burner Replacement

Radiant Burner Element

Radiant Burner Element

Instructions for replacing the small radiant burner on electric ranges made by GE, Hotpoint, RCA, and Moffat.

Electric Range Repair Video: Electric Range Small Radiant Burner Replacement

Electric Range Part: Radiant Burner Element

Tools needed: ¼” nut driver.

As with any repair, be sure you unplug the appliance before beginning.

  1. Your first step is to open the oven door and remove the screws securing the main top.
  2. Once the screws are removed, close the oven door and lift the main top up. Use a sturdy object to support it.
  3. Remove the screws and brackets securing the burner you wish to replace.
  4. Install the new burner by positioning it against the main top, and secure it with the brackets and screws. Be sure to align the brackets with the correct numbered hole.
  5. Now transfer the wires from the old burner to the new one.
  6. Remove the support and lower the main top.
  7. Secure the main top by reinstalling the screws.

You’re now ready to plug the appliance back in to make sure it’s functioning properly.

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