Emergency wild boars in Puglia, controversy for the delays in the Region

The regional councillor of the region of Puglia, Gianni Stea has denounced the lack of resolution of the emergency boars despite the increase in reports and the risks to people, especially in the peripheral neighbourhoods of the cities of puglia. Stea, which is also part of the Committee of Wildlife Hunting, has examined with attention the last video relative to the problem with regard to Bari, underscoring how the Region is culpably in delay, unlike what happens in other Italian regions.

Emergenza cinghiali in Puglia, polemica per i ritardi della Regione

The director reiterated how the reproduction of an ungulate is out of control, so much so as to cause incalculable damage to the agricultural sector and to the whole ecosystem. Also, never underestimate the aggressiveness of these animals. The Technical Committee of Wildlife Regional was convened in September of 2015, with the establishment of a technical group ready to draw up a regulation to plan and schedule the activities of hunting and the control of wild boars.

The document has been transmitted tothe Metropolitan Area of Bari and Region of Apulia, now, however, Stea has also asked for the transposed in the interest of the citizens. The text provides, among other things, the territorial divisions in the districts of hunting, the correct tracking of the damage and the health monitoring of wild boar meat.

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