Epidemic COVID-19 grows in Europe: the infected Italian politician

The epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19 is growing rapidly across Europe: infected Italian politician Nicola Zingaretti, leader of the Democratic party....

The outbreak of coronavirus, which violated the economic and social life in Italy, spread to the top of the Italian political elite on Saturday when the leader of the Democratic party of the ruling coalition announced that they had contracted the virus.

Well, here we are; I also Have the coronavirus, “said the politician, Nicolas Zingaretti, leader of the Democratic party, in a video on Facebook.

In the video of Mr. Zingaretti, dressed in a sweater and looking relaxed, said that it would follow all protocols proposed by the authorities encouraging the infected people to separate themselves from the others.

I’m fine, and so the decision was made about the isolation of the house, “said Mr. Zingaretti, adding that his family also followed the protocols.

He said that the Italian health officials have already started to contact the people with whom he worked closely and met, and that the Vice-President of the party would engage in “political activities” staying at home.

Infections Saturday in Europe exceeded 7400 that has more than doubled in just a few days.

On Saturday Italian authorities declared that the total number infected was 5 883, which is a sharp increase compared to the previous day at 4 636, and Junior officer of the U.S. Navy, stationed in Naples, became the first confirmed case among US military personnel in Europe, according to US European command. ,

The overall mortality rate in Italy rose to 36 on Saturday to 233.

On Friday, Italy announced its biggest one-day increase in the number of cases, as well as France, UK, Spain, Netherlands and others. More than 30 European countries currently have cases; 10 of them have at least 100 each. Member of the French Parliament gave a positive result for the virus. The number of confirmed cases in Britain, it has been 200 on Saturday.

The smallest result: Malta has reported its first confirmed case Saturday: 12-year-old girl recently returned from vacation in Northern Italy. Her condition was described as good.

In the UK, London police said they arrested two teenagers in connection with aggravated assault, racial features, a few days after the 23-year-old student from Singapore said he was attacked by a group of men, one of whom shouted,”I don’t want your coronavirus was in my country“.

France, Germany and other countries have imposed restrictions on the export of protective medical equipment, some of which are extremely necessary but in short supply.

And once the health authorities of Denmark advised people to avoid handshakes due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the government officials proposed to postpone the naturalization ceremony throughout the country as to complete the process they need a handshake by law.

This means that thousands of people who are going to become citizens of Denmark, most likely, will have to wait. It is unclear how long until the suspension or do all of the local mayors will follow this recommendation.

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