Escape Game Leap Walkthrough

Goro sato just upload a new game into iTunes store it’s named escape game leap and now I want to share the walkthrough to help curious gamer which cannot s...

open this box using code 215, pick up 2nd symbol, open silver box using code 02853 and pick up 3rd symbol

go to cupboard remember the top clue <><>><><>  , tap the bottom cupboard then tap button according to the clue, pick up handle in side jar

go back to the past see second clue on the top cupboard, go to box then tap the arrow button same with this <><>><><>  ( start from right) pick up watering can 

put handle at small table, pick up 4th symbol

put all symbol at this table but match the location with clue at this table in the future, pick up propeller 
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