Evenflo Snugli Comfort Vent Carrier Review

The Evenflo Snugli Comfort Vent Carrier is a favorite front-facing and back-facing carrier among parents and has a good sturdy design.  It has dual side entry buckles which are easy for those with one hand to get the baby in and out.  It also features auto fit back straps which automatically adjust to the parent’s back and thus makes it a comfortable and easy way to carry your baby.  The button close side vent is made of mesh, so the baby is cool and comfortable.  Parents can also change the baby’s position with a flip down head rest.  The seat itself is padded, there’s a backrest, there’s head support, and obviously leg openings as well, which makes support for the baby a priority but also makes it comfortable for the baby as well.  Shoulder straps are padded for adult comfort as well.  And the product is easy to clean.

The Evenflo Snugli Comfort Vent Carrier is applicable for babies 7-26lbs. It works initially as an inward-facing baby carrier (facing you) but when the baby is old enough, he can explore the world!

Evenflo Snugli Comfort Vent Carrier Review

This is one of those baby carriers which has full function, lots of great features, and is not too expensive like others. It’s easy to get the baby in the carrier with its design, according to some, but others felt that they needed the assistance of their spouse. But some people have found it uncomfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time. The material is nylon, so this also rubs on your arms, which can’t be too good and can cause chafing. One parent preferred Vaseline to buying a new more expensive baby carrier, but that’s not your best option.

Another parent we talked to, who is a bit on the smaller side, said that the front flap rubs against the baby’s chin. Another person who has a larger chest also found discomfort, despite not being particularly short. Taller people and other petite people have less problems and no back or shoulder discomfort, so your mileage may vary. Distributing the weight across the body makes it a practical choice as well.

Most babies LOVE this baby carrier, unless they’re not used to it. But in due time, they usually fall in love with it.

Here is how to the Evenflo Snugli Comfort Vent Carrieron (be sure to read the instruction manual that came with the product as well):

  • Always put your carrier on before placing the baby in the carrier.  This is a typical rule for most baby carriers.
  • With the carrier in front of you, slip the carrier over your head.  Buckle the parent straps on both sides.
  • The carrier should be comfortable and snug.  Pull on adjustment straps to remove any slack.
  • Place the baby in carrier facing out.  Do this by sitting down.  With unbuckled carrier on your lap, place baby onto carrier facing away from you with legs straddling carrier.  Support baby’s chest while bring the carrier up towards baby’s chest.
  • Fasten both side-entry buckles.
  • Fold head support down, then fasten the head support buckle to the shoulder strap.  Repeat on other side.  Make sure baby is comfortable with legs fully through the leg openings sand baby’s arms rest just above the side entry buckle.
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