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Evolution Dance Studios in Universal City, CA, is a dance studio rental facility with a motto of “By Dancers, For Dancers.” Independent teachers offer classes at the studio....

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Evolution Dance Studios

Basic Profile

Evolution Dance Studios in Universal City, CA, is a dance studio rental facility with a motto of “By Dancers, For Dancers.” Everyone on the staff is a dancer themselves. Evolution’s studios are available to fellow artists for any dance-related purpose, from holding weeks of all-day rehearsals, to choreographing, to teaching a dance class . . . or just dancing.

An eclectic mix of independent teachers rent space to offer weekly classes. There are usually at least a few hip-hop classes on Evolution’s schedule, often in specific styles such as locking, popping, and house. Some highly respected members of the hip-hop dance community rent a room and hold drop-in master classes at Evolution during visits to L.A.

Evolution strives to create a great environment for stimulating creativity. The staff wants artists to feel like they’re at home, not in a sweaty dance studio, and takes pride in keeping Evolution clean and aired out. The studio also offers little extras such as a hand sanitizer dispenser in the lobby, takeout menus for dancers in long rehearsals, and wireless internet (bring your own laptop).

There’s a limited amount of free tandem parking directly behind the studio, and a “Car-Ography” whiteboard is mounted by the studio door to keep track of who’s parked where. Because one car parks behind another, you may be called out of class if your car is blocking someone in.

If you prefer not to deal with tandem parking, don’t park behind a nearby business or in the parking island behind the studio; your car may be towed. Only the yellow-painted spaces belong to Evolution. There’s plenty of street parking nearby, and we recommend it!

Evolution is about half a mile from the Universal City stop on the L.A. Metro’s Red Line.

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