Evolv DNA vs YiHi SX Chips

For someone who builds DIY box mods, determining the chip set to buy is an important question. As a shopper looking for ready made vape mod, knowing the pros and cons of these chips is also a factor in making the final choice. What are the various properties of these chips? Does one of them possess qualities the other lacks? Which one would you choose to build your mod?

First, the Evolv

Let’s start with the Evolv because it came first. Starting with a DNA 20, this brand worked up to a DNA 40 which means the chip range goes up to 40 watts.

The DNA 40 is a regulated switch to permit wattage control, provide temperature protection, for preheating the box, adjusting watts, and so on. The chip also activates an OLED screen to show various values including resistance and power. They can be purchased in bulk or individually.

Second, the YiHi SX

With inspiration from the Evolv, the YiHi SX was developed and quickly caught up. In little time, it surpassed the Evolv, going up to much higher wattage and creating a market for box mods well past the 40W maximum to 150W chips.

While looking for them to purchase online, I was unable to find these chips very easily, though I have seen them for sale at some shops, and imagine they can only be purchased by companies for making variable wattage mods.

Evolv DNA vs YiHi SX Chips: Compare and Contrast

They must share some similarities considering the YiHi was modeled off of the Evolv. One of these is that they are tiny chips that can be purchased by individuals or vendors making mods for resale. Bulk orders are available or one can purchase a single chip to be installed by hand along with all of the other parts of a DIY box mod. The YiHi is cheaper, but some people would argue its quality is not as high.

But Evolv DNA chips sometimes go out of stock, which is unlikely to happen with the Yihi SX. This latter brand is produced in such high volumes you would be unlucky to go without for any period of time, whether buying a mod with the chip inserted or the chip itself.

Features of the Evolv chip include stealth mode to turn off the screen when a device is in use but you want to go incognito. There is a five-click on/off function. The screen can be flipped depending on whether the customer is right or left handed as well.

YiHi SX chips go up to a higher wattage level. They also feature a 5-click locking function and lock mode that is different. This allows you to set the box at a particular power level and make controls inaccessible so watts cannot be accidentally adjusted. You can actually turn off the touch screen so as not to make unintended changes. The screen provided by a YiHI chip is bigger than that of the Evolv, apparently.

Availability of Products

The biggest difference between these chips is availability in ready made vape mods. More devices on the market feature the YiHi SX chip owing to its lower price and higher wattage models. Although the Evolv is popular among vaping patriots in the US and can be found in items like the VaporShark box mod and Vapor Flask, Sigelei, IPV, and other companies routinely use the YiHi SX up to 150W as per the model’s particular range.

The Winner

Overall, it seems that the makers of YiHi chips are better at keeping up with the desires of consumers. On the other hand, for DIY modders, Evolv chips are the most accessible. Both items have an audience to draw from.

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