FACE: the New managing Director

The “European Federation of associations for hunting and conservation” (FACE) with seat in Brussels in February, a new managing Director. His name is Ludwig Willenegger, and is a farmer and lawyer from lower Bavaria.

In the last ten years he has worked at the European farmers ‘ Association, and then, the Brussels representative office of the supermarket chain EDEKA directed; he knows, therefore, with the European institutions and the Agri – food topics.

The FACE represents the interests of hunters in the EU. For example, could be intervened in the case of the firearms Directive successfully. Members of FACE the national hunting associations from 36 countries, including all EU member States, as well as other countries of the Council of Europe. The German member of the DJV. Bavaria hunters, however, are not represented, therefore also nothing, because the FACE does not allow regional associations as members.

(Photo: Private)

With an annual budget of less than a Million euros FACE nature struggles to exist against the supremacy of the hunting opponents and NGOs in Brussels. Success can Ludwig wants EGGER according to his own statement, only when the various hunting associations and other organisations in the rural areas work closely together.

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