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Who is a fashion designer and what do they do? A fashion designer designs clothes, often producing designs that will then become part of the prevailing fashion. Designers may also …...

Who is afashiondesigner and what do they do?A fashion designer designs clothes, often producing designs that will then become part of the prevailing fashion. Designers may also specialise in different types of clothes. The designer may find job opportunities in various parts of the clothing industry – and in mass market production or designer ready-to-wear, or, the most competitive area, haute couture. They may also work for research and development institutions in the area of the culture of clothing, or produce stage costume designs for theatre, film, television, or design window-dressing and promotional workshops.

What are the activities of the fashion designer?. To some extent this depends on the sector in which the fashion designer works – working in haute couture, the most competitive, will be rather different than working in mass market or wholesale production. Generally however, designers will be involved in analysis of the trends, drawing rough initial sketches of ideas, constructing basic patterns and samples (or overseeing the work ofotherswho do so) and adjusting them according to the clothing material, which may have been specified in advance along with the cost. Sample garments may be tried on a model and modified as necessary. The work may also involve correcting defects in the clothes, arising from incorrect construction, realisation or an unusual figure, operating basic and special sewing machines and the basic ironing equipment. S/he may the calculate the costs of new products and prepare the relating documentation.

Where is it done and under what conditions?A fashion designer works usually indoors, in a workshop. Some designers may also visit fashion shows,

What tools/equipment do they use?Computers and computer graphics, pens, pencils, paper, and the hand and machine tools of the clothing trade where appropriate.

What do you need to succeed?You need to have studied art and design with a focus on clothing or fashion design. You also need to understand the principles of art and design, especially applied graphic arts, have your own creative ideas, be able to use the computer and graphics, and have mastered the technical process of production in a clothing factory. Desirable personal qualities are imagination, creativity, precision, independent thinking, prompt decision-making, individual initiative, and the ability to work in a team or independently.

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