Free Class: Throw Down Tuesdays, Bboy Odin Rock, Basement Dance Center

FREE first "Throw Down Tuesdays" class plus freestyle cipher and live DJ, with Bboy Odin Rock at the Basement Dance Center, September 11, 2012....

Sep 3, 2012 (updated Sep 6, 2012)

Launching with a free class September 11, Goofoffs present Throw Down Tuesdays with Bboy Odin Rock at the Basement Dance Center of NoHo. This comprehensive breaking class will include tops, drops, footwork, transitions, freezes, power moves, concepts, choreography, battle technique, education on hip-hop culture and history, drills, workouts, and more!

Throw Down Tuesdays Flyer

Click thumbnail image for flyer!

The 8-9 pm breaking class is followed by a 9-10:30 pm open session / freestyle cipher with a live DJ.

Regular price is $12 for the class, $5 for the cipher, or $15 for both. But come check out Throw Down Tuesdays on the 11th for free!

You can learn more about instructor Bboy Odin Rock at his web site, You can also connect with him on Twitter at

The Basement Dance Center can be a little tricky to spot if you haven’t been there before. The studio is located under AMP. (See sidebar for studio address and phone number.)

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