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Fusion Studios in Torrance, CA, nurtures well-rounded artists, offering dance classes, art classes, and private music lessons (available for almost every instrument!)....

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Fusion Studios

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Fusion Studios in Torrance, CA, offers a home for multifaceted artists of all ages. Dancers here can find not only dance classes with excellent professional instructors, but art and music lessons under the same roof. Classes such as still life and illustration are offered, and private music lessons in almost any instrument may be booked by students age four to adult.

A dance teacher at Fusion Studios before she became the owner, Sandra Barranco has a deep passion for the arts as well as the studio and its community. Fusion Studios is a second home to her. Sandra even has the dance studios interior-designed with gorgeous wallpapers such as you might expect to see in an elegant living room.

Classes offered at Fusion Studios span classical styles and hip hop, and are appropriate for both thepreprofessionaland recreational dancer. The studio also holds occasional dance master classes.

Fusion Studios is in a small shopping center in a beautiful area of west Torrance, with homes and grassy lawns nearby. The studio is close to the Pacific Coast Highway and Palos Verdes Estates. Free parking is available in a lot in front of the building.

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