FUT ICONS Stories revealed for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 - FUT ICONS Stories

There was plenty of exciting Ultimate Team news to come out of EA's livestream, but most exciting was the announcement of Stories for FUT ICONS in FIFA 18....

FIFA 18 - FUT ICONS Stories

There was plenty of exciting FIFA Ultimate Team news to come out of EA’s livestream today, but the most exciting was probably the announcement of Stories for FUT ICONS in FIFA 18.

Stories expand the ICONS experience, giving players a chance to find up to three unique versions of some of the greatest soccer players of all time for their FUT squads.

As showcased in the trailer, the different cards represent the three stages of a player’s career. The first version represents the humble beginnings, or the start of a player’s career, and as such has the lowest rating of the three.

The second version is the ICON’s “normal” rating. This would resemble a base legend card in past editions of FUT with the player have a rating that best represents the “prime” of that player’s career.

The third and final version of the ICON will feature an upgraded “in-form” version of the player.

Or as EA explains:

“Each ICONS Story will feature its own unique ratings, so players can discover variations for each legendary player and have a chance to build the squad of their dreams. With multiple ICONS Stories at various positions all across the pitch, players are poised to create some truly historic squads featuring some of the greatest of all time.”

Using Ronaldinho as an example, since he was revealed today as part of the ICON lineup: Ronaldinho’s ICON Stories will highlight three distinct points in his storied career; Ronaldinho in 2002 when he was a member of Paris St. Germain and on his way to winning the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™ for Brazil; Ronaldinho in 2010, when he brought home the title for Milan in his final season with the club; and prime Ronaldinho, a version from 2004 when he dominated La Liga, and secured top honors as the FIFA World Player of the Year.

FUT ICONS Stories give players a a better chance of getting their hands on some of their favorite “Icons” from the past.

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