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About GIL

Welcome to theGhanaInstitute of Languages. By visiting our website, you have become part of one ofGhana‘s unique institutions of higher learning in the area of modern languages, and the first of its type in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) is a tertiary institution that was established in 1961 with the aim of helping promote African unity through the teaching of non-Ghanaian languages. The Institute also has the mandate the Government on issues relating to language policy.

It carries out the teaching of English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian at beginner, intermediate and proficiency levels, and also carries out research in and about the teaching of these languages. We also offer professionally relevant courses in bilingual secretaryship and translation, which give ourgraduatesready employment at home and abroad.

We used to teach Swahili and Hausa, but these have been discontinued due to lack of patronage and/or teachers. We hope to reintroduce them as soon as conditions permit. Plans are however advanced for the introduction of Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Korean, as these languages have become major players on the industrial and economic stage in Ghana and around the world.

A Translation Bureau (The TransBureau) provides translation, interpretation and secretarial services at conferences and trade fairs. Additionally, we offer tour guiding and liaison services.Many graduates of the School of Bilingual Secretaryship and School of Translators now work all over the world in places such as the African Union (AU), the African Development Bank (ABD), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries (ACP), the United Nations Organization (UNO), the International DevelopmentProgramme(IDEP), and in other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Our students in the School of Languages graduate with language skills which give them self-confidence and that special edge in their various fields of professional, academic and personal activity. Our flourishing and innovative academic community comprises dedicated lecturers, tutors, translators and interpreters with the capacity to evolve groundbreaking ideas in their fields of calling and inclination.

Our students are a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and come from all parts of Africa and overseas.
Joining our Institute is a sure sign of your intellectual and/or professional vision to chart a meaningful path towards a distinctive career.


Building bridges across language and cultural barriers for African unity and universal solidarity.



The vision of the Ghana institute of languages is to become a pre-eminent international centre of learning to produce first class professionals in modern languages who will foster African unity, promote socio-economic and political integration in Africa and facilitate global communication.



The main objectives and functions of the Ghana institute of languages are as follows:

• To teach modern languages such as Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

• To train bilingual secretaries (English and French) to provide the necessary manpower resources in modernbusinesscommunication and modern office management.

• To train professional translators.

• To furnish advice to government and public authorities in Ghana at their request in respect of matters relating to the teaching of the said languages.

• To provide translation services to potential clients.

• To do all other things that are incidental to or connected with the discharge of any or all of the said functions.

• To provide efficient language services such as translation, interpretation, bilingual secretarial services and tour guiding.



TEL/FAX: 030 2222880
Website :

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