Greece forbids churches to hold services for migrants

The Greek government ordered the churches to stop the service because there is a growing fear about migrants and the rapid spread of the coronavirus....

Over the past week in Greece were closed schools, cafes, bars and restaurants. When the Greeks climbed up on the beaches of the country, the government has closed them to the public. Next most of the shops (Wednesday).

But for many days the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church have resisted calls to suspend the service. Thus, the government was forced to take action despite the risk to challenge the powerful institution that is deeply connected with a sense of the nation.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that there was no choice. “Protecting public health requires clear decisions,” he wrote on Twitter.

Four deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus in Greece with 352 infections on Monday, with cases concentrated in Athens.

Outside the capital, there are increasing concerns about possible outbreaks of coronavirus in the camps on five Aegean Islands, where about 50,000 migrants in conditions of severe overcrowding.

6-year-old girl died Monday when the proverbial close the camp of Moria in Lesbos, a fire broke out.

“Doctors without borders” known by the French acronym MSF, called on to evacuate those living in the camps, where entire families live in inadequate conditions and confined spaces.

The international medical humanitarian organisation warned that due to the lack of proper sanitation and limited medical care, the risk of spreading the virus is extremely high.

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