GROOV3’s DANCE SWEAT GIVE: Invertigo Dance Theatre

GROOV3's DANCE SWEAT GIVE hip hop / cardio funk class in West Hollywood on July 17, 2011, will benefit Invertigo Dance Theater's Dancing through Parkinson's program....

July 14, 2011

There was no DANCE SWEAT GIVE event in June, butGROOV3has promised to make up for it with great benefit classes for July and August! This month’s DANCE SWEAT GIVE class, held Sunday afternoon, July 17, atBalliamosin West Hollywood, will benefit the Dancing Through Parkinson’s program ofInvertigoDanceTheatre.

Starting with aGROOV3hip hop / cardio funk class at 1:30 pm, DANCE SWEAT GIVE will take place after the regularly scheduledGROOV3class at 12 pm. Following the class, there will be speakers, giveaways, and more. A minimum donation of $15 will be requested at the door.

The Dancing Through Parkinson’s classes offered byInvertigoDanceTheatreare based on the principles of the Dance for PD classes developed by the highly respected Mark Morris Dance Group, a dance company based in New York, NY. They are designed to enhance the mental and physical well-being of people who have the movement disorder of Parkinson’s disease. You can learn more about the program onInvertigoDanceTheatre’sDancing Through Parkinson’s page.

InvertigoDanceTheatre’sclasses are held in West Los Angeles. If you’re looking for dance classes designed for people with Parkinson’s disease for yourself or a loved one on the East Side, Lineage Dance Company, a nonprofit contemporary dance company, offers Dancing with Parkinson’s classes that are also directly based on the work of the Mark Morris Dance Group.

Lineage Dance’s classes are offered at Lineage Performing Arts Center, on Fair Oaks Ave in the heart of Pasadena’s Old Town. Lineage has also offered classes at Pasadena’s Huntington Hospital.

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