[Guide] Import an address book into sbcglobal email

Setting up a new e-mail account is a wonderful time for a fresh start with little to no spam coming into the account. One of the drawbacks to a new account is set up to keep all of your contacts. Adding a name and e-mail address at a time to your address book SBCGlobal can take hours work. Fortunately, you can import your address book to your new or existing SBCGlobal (AT & T Yahoo!) email account. What would take place can take hours of manual labor in a matter of a few minutes, if you import the address book automatically.

  1. Open the address book contains all the addresses that you want to import into the SBCGlobal address.
  2. Look for an “Export” link in the current directory. In Outlook, you can find the “Export” link under the “File” category at the top of the window. If you can not find, the Export link in a few minutes, check “Export Addresses” in the “Help” section of your program.
  3. Select the addresses you want to export (and import) in your SBCGlobal account by. The appropriate list or folder
  4. Select the file format for the exported file store. Outlook and Outlook Express, select the comma-separated values ​​file extension “. Csv”. If the other program (such as Yahoo) the “. Csv option”, you can use it. You can also save the file as “. Ldif” (Netscape) or “. Vcf” (vCard file).
  5. Save the exported file to your hard drive. You can download the file anything you want as long as you remember to mention the name of the file. Pay particular attention to the location on your hard drive where you saved the file.
  6. Log in to check your SBCGlobal account on the web, as you would your email.
  7. Select the link you. To the address in your account
  8. Use the import function by. “Import / Export” link on the Web
  9. Select the program you are used to the book from the list of options in the Export drop-down menu under “Select a program to import contacts from.”
  10. Enter the computer location for the file that you import into the box under “Enter the file to import.” You can use the “Browse” button to locate the file on your hard drive if you do not want the location of the file type.
  11. Import the addresses by clicking the “Import Now” button.
  12. Look for the newly added contacts in your address book SBCGlobal.


When you import an old list, you may have information that you are upgrading. Update information quickly into the address book program that you most familiar, so you import the latest information possible.

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