Guide to Yahoo! Mail with the main options and settings

The most powerful email service that exists on the Internet is, of course, but the Gmail email historic and most used in previous years was undoubtedly Yahoo! Mail that, for many years, was the best you could find.

I personally use the Yahoo email because I feel good for many years but to a Google Account with Gmail you can not really give up given the multiple uses that can be made ​​and all functions, even hidden , it has.

Gmail is absolutely the only choice for those who need to open a new e-mail account, however, those who want a simple service that sends and receives mail and allows you to organize your messages without having too many additional utilities or special functions, then you may choose Yahoo .

To overlook the truly mail services of the Italian sites that, it is my opinion, seem to be those of 10 years ago, limited and vulnerable to receiving spam.

Mail Yahoo! The first thing to report on the Yahoo! mail is the choice between the classic interface and the new one that is still in beta.

At the moment, the new Interface is more convenient for reading messages but lacks some basic features that make a classical still preferable.

To organize e-mail with Yahoo Mail should first create groups or folders in which to put messages that have a similar topic together.

If the mail is then divided according to the sender and is sorted by date received, you can also set facilemnte that, for example, all messages containing a specific word automatically end up in the same folder, separate from the main inbox.

In Yahoo Mail you can see a box that says “My Folders” and simply press the Add button to create a new one.

Once given the name of the folder, the next step is to move the messages of a certain type that have something in common.

To do this manually, you select, from the inbox, messages, click on the flag that is on the left and press the button “Move”.

The need now though is that the new messages that have a common topic in automatically go into this new folder.

It then goes on Mail Options by pressing the button is in the upper right.

From the options, choose the ‘Filters’ tab and press “Create new filter”.

Set the filter Yahoo is really easy because you just indicate that all messages that contain a specific word in the body are moved directly to the new folder.

Among the fields that can be used for filters, there are also the From field, the To field and the subject or title of the message.

The filter can be set in four ways: contains, does not contain, starts with and ends with.

Creating a new filter so you can organize your mail in a manner consistent with their needs.

In addition to organizing the search for mail messages and attachments is very effective because, in Classic View is a box labeled “Search in ShortCut”.

By default there are “My Photos” and “My Attachments” that allow you to search and view all the images in the email and any files that have been received in time.

An option of Yahoo Mail really easy and useful to use is the creation of the e-mail alias to protect themselves from spam .

Always going in the options and this time choosing the voice Spam can activate some important functions.

The SpamGuard is an automatic filter that runs in the Spam folder and suspicious messages on Yahoo, is perhaps the best automatic spam filter that can be found on the internet.

Below are the functions to block messages from selected contacts or to prevent anyone from writing on Yahoo Chat.

The most important thing is that the temporary addresses (Vedia also article on anonymous email that self-destruct ).

If you can set up as many as you want and are substantially the email addresses that you can turn on and off whenever you want.

For example, I have recorded several temporary addresses the type, and so on four others.

When I need to register at a site that does not give me confidence so I register with one of these e-mail addresses and aliases temporary.

The mail that you receive if you write me at these locations get to my main account but if notassi that one of these aliases is compromised and if it ends up in some spam mailing lists with the consequent arrival of 4 or 5 junk emails a day, I will not do anything but turn it off to not receive more, taking so unless my primary address.

Another very interesting feature is the ability to link my Yahoo mail to another e-mail address so that if you have two accounts, you can choose to turn all messages that arrive on Yahoo mail, to another.

To enable the forwarding of Yahoo you have to press on the item that is between Pop and Forward options.

The converse may also be true but it depends if permitted by other e-mail provider.

With Gmail integration is good and you can turn your mail from Yahoo to Gmail or vice versa without problems.

In this section, Pop and Forward are also settings for import mail on a program like Microsoft Outlook with an indication of the pop3 and smtp server.

Always By the way integration between multiple accounts you can write messages with Yahoo mail, send and get answer to another email account.

For example, I put two accounts on the same interface and

If I write an email with pom1 wonder that the receiver appears on the “Reply To” address of another type while pom2 remains normal.

This type of option can be found under “Account.”

Just between us, I was hoping that, given the enormous enhancements to Gmail, Yahoo tried to stay with breathing down his neck improving their mail more aggressively while the other hand, in recent years has been a bit ‘to the post.

Remains the second best email service that is so, since it also features interesting and integration, can not recommend it to those who already use it, you do not change and who do not use Gmail a try.

Important Update on Yahoo mail because for a short time you can use the web application directly from where we read and receive e-mail.

Among the important applications are Sobees to connect by Twitter, Facebook and MySpace together, Zumo, hard disk, 1GB online, PicNik to edit photos, Flickr and Paypal.

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