Hana Modz

How can you be sure you are looking at the real Hana Modz?

Is the item in your hands an authentic Hana Modz or a fake?

Does it matter to you?

If so, read the following Hana Modz review carefully. I will talk about the device itself, some controversy around the mod, and also where to buy the real thing.

Hana Modz Specs: The Basics

The Hana Modz Pack V3 and Mini Pack V3 are both made in the United States. Remember this: it becomes an important point later. Few e cigs are made in the US although many are developed and designed here. If buying American-made products is a priority of yours, then you have arrived at the right place. You get a powerful battery, OLED screen, battery display, and wattage control.

The Body

This is a Billet 6061 aluminum box mod, meaning it’s not a cylinder as most e cigs are.

The cylinder is not necessary for great performance but fits smoothly with clearomizers and tanks.

A box mod works just as well without rolling around on your table (and rolling off) and allowing more room for an OLED screen.

The one on an Hana Modz Pack is easy to read. Hana Modz refers to it as small but it’s not bad compared to some on cylindrical batteries.

You have seen box mods before like the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0, which is a popular and affordable mod at around $60 to $80 retail. Innokin makes e cigs in China so they can afford to offer a lower price. They also produce a lot more pieces in one go than an American manufacturer can manage, so their sales rate is higher.

Battery Power

Hana Modz uses a DNA30 battery pack which you will see elsewhere too. The difference between Hana Modz and clones is the outer shell. A Hana Modz offers wattage control and works with an 18650 battery.

They recommend the AW IMR Panasonic CGR which will give you 7 to 20 watts, the Sony VTC4 or VTC5 both of which offer 7 to 30 watts. None of these is included with your mod.

Although many devices these days feature battery protection (against battery reversal for example), this one does not. Your device could be wrecked if you put the battery in wrong way around.

Bright Display

Your OLED screen displays a number of values including voltage and ohms. You will also see error messages here, even if you go into stealth mode (no display). Error messages include a short in the atomizer, a warning to check the battery for low voltage, or a weak battery message.

Mini Mod

A Mini Pack is almost the same but with a 1200-mAh battery, so less output and a shorter charge. Choose colors like gunmetal gray, blue, green, orange, and red. Hana Modz is located in Woodridge Illinois.

They authorize re-sale of their products by Vapor Kings, Hyperion Vape, SS Vape, ECig Gallery, MoVapes, Vape UP USA, LLC, Riverwalk Vapors, All About Vapor, and many other companies around the United States.

They are sold in Australia, Italy, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, France, the Philippines, and Holland. You can buy one for about $250 from these vendors and others in brick-and-mortar stores and online.

Clones of the Hana Modz

Fast Tech is the best known maker of a Hana Modz clone. You can pay less than $100 for one of their versions of the Hana Modz which, as far as many customers are concerned, is well worth the savings. They do not see any major differences between the real and fake device. Anything you read, in their eyes, is a matter of sour grapes.

Complaints about Fast Tech Clones

Forum writers refer to complaints leveled specifically at the Fast Tech clone as attempts to put consumers off the cheaper version and turn them onto the real thing because customers are getting wise and saving money. There is a lot of disagreement about this topic.

Usually, the real thing is better in some way. The thread is smoother. Exterior quality is better. Battery connectivity is more reliable. But in the case of the Hana Modz there are middling reviews and enough uncertainty to suggest the real thing is not entirely reliable.

Worth the Money?

What will make the authentic Hana Modz worth your attention is the fact that it was made in Illinois, not Shenzhen. Is this important to you? If so, is your economic patriotism worth $200?

Chinese Manufacturing Realities

In reality, there are few companies that manufacture their electronic vaping devices in the US. Almost every electronic cigarette from cigalikes to APVs is manufactured in China. Even American brands can only claim to have been designed on home soil and perhaps packaged here. Their e liquid might be USA-made (as is sometimes the case) but cartridges are made and filled in China. The only industry today dominated by Americans is the e liquid business.

American Economy

If it really bothers you that money and employment are leaving America you will pay more for USA-made products. They cost more because employees are paid fair wages. These wages enable employees to contribute to their local economies. This benefits everyone. But business owners can also understand that $200 is a big price difference and they can sympathize, especially since you need to buy accessories too.

How to Decide

How are you going to decide this matter if you are yearning for a Hana Modz? I suggest reading deeply and keeping an eye on the dates of posts you are reading. Select reviews and comments from 2014 because complaints from 2013 and 2012 might have been addressed by the company.

You could also talk to friends who have their own versions of the mod and ask a vape store manager to let you try one. This is a big investment you are about to make. Although the HM looks gorgeous with its shiny, colored aluminum finish, looks do not have a lot to do with vapor. If looks are all you care about buy the clone. If you want reliability then the research you put into this purchase will be important.

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