HCigar HB DNA 40

Too little power coming too late in the game.

Maybe the first one is a bit dramatic; the second statement is true. Number three, however, deserves another look.

Evolv Chip

Evolv’s DNA microchip ushered in a new age of vaping with its protective power, freeing consumers from charting voltage against resistance. An Evolv microchip does that automatically when used by the vaper to set wattage and once an atomizer is attached to his device.

As with all things electronic, Chinese companies have run with the idea and enlarged upon it. The Yihi Chip and Simeiyue’s Xingtang chip are capable of reaching much higher than 40 watts: past 200, in fact.

Chinese electronic vaping devices tend to be cheaper than American ones. What they cannot do is bring the minimum resistance below 0.1 ohms in which case the Evolv DNA 40 is perfectly capable of keeping up with the current competitive firmware.

HCigar HB DNA 40

Take this very plain, basic box mod from HCigar, the first Chinese manufacturer to use an authentic American Evolv chip. If you choose an atomizer with a standard coil, your resistance can be as low as 0.16 ohms. Select a nickel atomizer coil and drop that value to 0.1 ohms.

How Does the Chip Do this?

Your HCigar mod reads the temperature of your coil and the resistance of your atomizer. It will not overheat or burn your coils or wicks either, thanks to sophisticated firmware by Evolv. Their system prevents overheating, low resistance, low-voltage, and over-discharge in VW box mods. If a mod starts to overheat or a shorted circuit is detected, it will either turn itself off or reduce watts and fire at lower values until the owner corrects his or her problem.

Light Box Mod

Aluminum is utilized to create a box which won’t get too hot but is still durable and also light. You are meant to carry this wireless product around in a pocket or your bag so it shouldn’t be a heavy thing, especially not when it contains just one 18650 (2200 mAh) battery.


Stainless Steel threads provide corrosion-free performance and long-lasting smoothness so that atomizers attach easily week after week. The adjustable pin makes it possible to plant any atomizer here — as long as it is made to attach to a 510 system — and there won’t be a gap between the top of your mod and the bottom of your atomizer.

More from HCigar

The screen of your HCigar HB DNA 40 flips depending on how you hold it. This is a great feature for left-handed vapers tired of trying to read screens formatted for right-handed people.

All of the buttons and the screen are placed at the front. Vents are at the bottom. Your USB port is at the side. This is an excellent choice by HCigar because with pass-through vaping you can keep a tank atomizer attached, liquid still in the tank, and place the box mod on its base without having to rest juice on its side. You won’t spill e liquid while vaping at the computer through a USB port.

Where to buy the HCigar HB DNA 40

HCigar is a popular brand, makers of some fine clones of mechanical mods, but this is a genuine product sold through several online vendors.

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