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Health benefits of non iodized salt

There are a wide range of ideas about what benefits are offered by non iodized salt. For instance, one of the reasons that iodine was added to salt in the first place was to increase the health of the general population by decreasing goiter and mental health issues. However, as time has gone on there have been findings that iodine in salt is not needed, or healthy, for all individuals.

One of the important uses for non iodised salt in the diet is for those suffering from thyroid cancer. More information on this can be found here, but it should be known that for those undergoing radiation treatment for thyroid cancer there are times when your diet needs to be very low in iodine for the treatment to work correctly. This means that other areas of your diet need to be low in iodine as well.

Body piercings is another area where non iodized salt is commonly used. It is used for soaking newly pierced areas in a way that replicates as closely as possible the conditions of the human body itself. With regular table salt there might be many additives for things clumping (that is, preventing clumping), taste additives, and many other things. These can irritate the body when used in what is essentially an open wound. Be sure to use a fine grain non iodized salt for this – you do not want to use large or coarse grained salts as they may not dissolve completely when added to warm water to make the saline solution. Pre made solutions are available as a spray and a liquid solution.

Some religions believe in using non iodized salt. Most familiar to people is the use of Kosher salt. More information on Kosher salt can be found here.

Another good use for the body is as a nasal rinse. If you are not familiar with this, the container that holds the saline solution is called a “Neti Pot“. Warm (body temperature) water is combined with the salt – this is the same idea as the body piercing, you want something similiar to your body’s natural composition. The water and salt is combined in the Neti Pot and you rinse your nasal passages with the resulting saline solution in order to clear out irritants like allergy causing pollen or merely to moisturize very dry nasal cavities.

Non iodized sea salt in another type of salt that is basically evaporated sea water that has not had potassium iodide (“iodized”) added to it. This may be used for rinsing after piercings or other body modifications – you can find a wide range of non iodized sea salt products here.

Interested in more information about non iodized salt? Read more here.

Looking for where to purchase non iodized salt products? Check the resources page.

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