Herbal Sleep Aids Review

Herbal Sleep Aids ReviewInformation on Using Herbal Sleep Aids during Pregnancy, with Infants, Babies, Children and Adults.Introduction toHerbal Sleep Aids.Sleep is essential to the body. The human brain would go crazy if a person could not sleep like in the case of thefatal familial insomnia.Manypeoplearound the world, Men, Women and Children experience sleeplessnights. Nightafter night they stay...

Herbal Sleep Aids Review

Information on Using Herbal Sleep Aids during Pregnancy, with Infants, Babies, Children and Adults.

Introduction toHerbal Sleep Aids.Sleep is essential to the body. The human brain would go crazy if a person could not sleep like in the case of thefatal familial insomnia.

Manypeoplearound the world, Men, Women and Children experience sleeplessnights. Nightafter night they stay awake in their beds. Statisticsshow that over 3.5Million people suffer from one form of sleepdisorder or another and use different herbal sleep aids.  

The side effects of this problem ranges  from  autoaccidentswhich leave about 1,550(US alone) dead and about $12.5 BILLION worthof property damage each year. Absenteeism and low productivity alsocaused bysleep problemsis costing companies a fortune.

With such staggering numbers,leaders in the health sector are granting more funds for research each year forthe developmentanti-insomnia drugs.But there arequestionsabout the side effects of   these drugs and many have begun to turn toherbal sleep aids as efficient insomnia remedy.

Herbal Sleep Aidshave enjoyed recent attention in themedia. Some of these ads evenclaim that their products can cure insomnia. Manyof these sleep aidsare made from leaves, roots and even the bark of trees andhave beeneffective for thousands of years. When these herbal sleep aids becamepopularized in the West, many embraced them and some claimed they workedwonders.To the surprise of most medical practitioners these herbalsleep had noattendant side effects unlike prescription drugs.

Results have shown that theseherbal sleep aids are mostly effective against insomnia that is caused byanxiety or depression. Unlike prescription drugs herbal sleep aidshave a directbiochemical reaction with your body. And many drugmanufacturers today are beginningto include herbs in recent drugs.
There a lot of sleep aids out there and they can bepurchased at your localhealth store.  

Someof them are of low quality and cancontain contaminants. You shouldalways seek the counsel of a practitionerbefore using aherbal sleep aidyou are not used to. Any herbal sleep aiddrug shouldcome with name of the supplier, the product should have abatch number and it shouldbe clearly labeled so if there are anyproblems with the product it will be traceableback to themanufacturer.

Different herbal sleep aids work in differentways. Mostsleep disorders are caused by an imbalance in serotonin achemical in thebrain, which the body produces from the amino acid,tryptophan. Some herbs helprestore the serotonin level balance whilst others trigger the calmingmechanisms in the brain.


Valerian Root.(Valeriana officinalis)
Valerian Rootis a well known sleep aid. It has been usedfor hundreds of years and is the natural source of valium. Unlike the old daysvalerian root is now taken mostly in capsule form with oils taken from a floweralso called valerian. Valerian rootworks better when taken with other sedativeherbs. Because of one ofits components called isovaleric acid it has an oddsmell like that ofan old sock. Valerian root works best when taken for aperiod of weeks though most people report immediate success after a few days.Valerian root works as a good muscle relaxant.

Therehave been no cases of sideeffects whatsoever though very high dosesmay cause side effects such as nausea,headaches, dizziness, loss ofmuscle function and heart troubles. It should benoted that valerianshould not be taken when driving or when you need fullmentalconcentration as it has relaxant effects. To use put 2 to 3 spoonful oftincture made from valerian roots in a cup of hot water and take as abedtimedrink. It is advisable take only one cup a day.

Chamomile.(Matricaria recutita)
Chamomile is one of the gentlest herbal sleep aids.It is mostlytaken in form of tea and has a very pleasant taste.Experts are not sure howchamomile works but they know that apigenin, aflavonoid in chamomile andanother volatile oil helps insomniacs sleepbetter. It can also be used if youhave stomach irritation and it alsoaids digestion. It is mild and can be useddaily for a period of timeand has no side effects whatsoever, neither is itaddictive. To peoplewho are allergic to daises or ragweed it can serve as anallergen.Chamomile can be used with other herbs but should not be taken inhugequantities. This one of the few herbal sleep aids that is safe forpregnant and breastfeeding women.  To useadd one teaspoon of it toboiling water and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes.

This is an aminoacid that helps improve sleep and is a pre-cursor toserotonin. As earlier statedwhen serotonin levels are low the patientbecomes irritable, sleepless andanxious. One way to solve this is totake more tryptophan based food liketurkey, peanuts, brown rice,cottage cheese and milk. There are also tryptophansupplementsavailable for at your local health store.

Kava Kava(Piper methysticum)
Kava has been around for a longtime. Kava Kava is a herb that helpsto relax the muscles and causes adreamless state.  Kava has been usedforthousands of years by different cultures and civilizations and ispresentlygaining grounds in the West. Recently researchers have beenable to show astrong link between kava kava and liver toxicity.Despite this some people believethat the use of additives and theusage of wrong parts of the plant causehealth problems and not thatthe plant itself has negative side effects.

Hops(Humulus lupulus)
Hops has been used for long as aflavoring ingredient in beers, thathas a calming and hypnotic effect on themind and body. Hops has a verybitter taste and is part of the cannabis family.It is available inform of tinctures, tablets and capsules and can also be combinedwithchamomile, lavender and passionflower which also are sedatives. Evenpillows are being made of hops because of its relaxing effect and peoplewithdepression should avoid hops because of its depressant effect.Pregnant womenare also advised not to use hops because it has anestrogen-related compoundthat can complicate pregnancy. Hops is widelycultivated in Germany and thepacific northwest of the US.

Passion flower(Passiflora incarnata)
This is a calmingherb and works wells especially with sleepdisorders caused by muscle conditions,anxiety and chronic pains. Ithas no side effects apart from sleepiness is notaddictive and can beused by both children and adults. Its most activeingredient is harminewhich helps stop the breakdown of serotonin. The herb canbe taken inform of tea, tincture or capsule.

California poppy(Eschscholzia californica)
This is a homeopathicherb that serves as a mild sedativeand can be found in manyhealth storesall over the US. It promotes relaxationand helps tackle mild anxiety.It is mostly added as an ingredient in sleep aiddrugs or is availablein the form of liquid extract. This is one herb that issafe forchildren because of its mild sedative effects.

Skull Cap(Scutellarialateriflora)
This herb istypically used in the treatment ofrestless legs syndrome.  It relieves the central nervous system.

Catnip also known ascatmin or catswort comes mostly in the form oftea and is a very good sedative.  It can also serve as a homeopathic formigraines, cramping and indigestion. Catnip has a dangerous effect onpregnantwomen and has been known to induce miscarriage. It can alsocause heavymenstrual flow.

Jamaica dogwood
This herbal sleepaidwas once used as a fish tranquilizer in the Caribbean. It is consumedinform of tea and should not be used by pregnant women and people withheartproblems.

This herbal sleepaidworks like chamomile and has a calming effect and alleviatesheadaches. Because it is mild it is more effective in treating childrenwithsleeping disorders.

Lavender can act asa sedative. The Spanish lavender is very effectivein treating depression. Lavenderis mostly taken as tea and has noknown side effects and is not always aseffective other herbs.  One wayto usethis herb is to steep it in vodka for a month and then strain. For stress related insomnia take three spoonfulfor three times a dayuntil you feel better. If you have headaches you can rubthe essentialbalm on your temples. To aid sleep you can also put a sachet oflavender under your pillow.

Peppermint is aherbal sleep aid that relieves indigestion andinsomnia. It has no side effectsapart from the fact that it preventsthe body from absorbing iron. So if youare taking any iron supplementsavoid it.

Lemon balm
Lemon balm is alsoknown as Melissa. It is a sedative that is oftenused in combination with othersedatives and can also serve as astomach soother. To use add two or threespoons  of Lemon balm into acup ofboiling water and steep for 5-15 minutes and then drink.

St John’s wort(Hypericum perforatum)
St. John’s Wortworks particularly well against insomnia and is alsoeffective in thetreatment of depression and anxiety. It is used as aningredient in some overthe counter sleep aids and also comes in tabletform. Its side effects includeincreased sensitivity to the sun.People who already take medications fordepression and/or migrainesshould avoid using this herbal sleep aid.

This herb is used totreat nervous conditions, sleep disorders anddepression. It has knownside effects. It can be used with a meal, as atea and also as an additive withother sleep aids.

Siberian ginseng
This herbal sleepaid is most effective against chronic fatiguesyndrome and depression. Peoplewho have high blood pressure or nervousdisorders should avoid it.

Most of the herbs listed have not beensubjected to adequateclinical testing. Only valerian root has beenclinically tested so far and is ascertainedto treat sleep disorders.But when compared to over the counter drugs they havelittle or no sideeffects and are very effective. Most have been used bydifferentcultures for thousands of years and have come to be trusted andpassedfrom one generation to another.

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Melatonin as a Sleep Aid.
You may wonder, what is melatonin used for? Well, your body could developmelatoninhormone deficiency. When this happens you may develop the inabilitytosleep properly. One way to correct the situation is to use M.S.Theycan help to balance the melatonin levels in the body bycomplementing the amount produced by the pineal gland. You can also takemelatonin with herbal/natural sleep aids such as kava orValerian root. Some ofthe benefits of M.S are a refreshing sleep and anenergetic day.

Melatoninand Sleep.
The MelatoninHormones inyour body control your biological clock. This means thatit decides when yousleep and when you wake. Lack of sufficient Melatonin Hormone will lead toimproper sleep patterns or lack of sleep.

Melatonin Safety.
Melatoninis safe to useand there has not been any report of advanced sideeffects. Still you have to be carefulwhen using it. Like normal drugs,they alter the chemical state of the body andshould be used in theright proportion. Some country’s such as Germany andsome otherEuropean nations have banned M.S importation andmanufacture. Therehave been no known cases ofmelatonin addictionneither has there been any information on it’s long term side effects.

Melatonin Overdose.
Sometimessleep problemscan be fustrating and if you have ever experienced a sleeping disorder thatdeprives you of sleep fordays (FatalFamilial Insomnia), you know what that feeling is like. It is like runningmad!
You can be tempted to takean overdose of your melatonin supplement or any otherinsomniadrug. Please don’t, as this will have it’s side effects. Dangers ofMelatoninoverdosecan be found here including information on what is themelatonin dosagefor children and adults.

Melatonin Dosage.
Informationon how to take MS differs from person to person. Some people need more,some need less. It all depends on what you are comfy with. Childrenshouldbe administered smaller dosages than adults. You should startwith smalldosages and if you still have your sleep problems, increase your dosage gradually till youare able to find sleep. You can start with melatonin 1 mg and graduallyincrease to melatonin 2 -3 mg and even 5mg melatonin dosage.Click the link above to find out how to take it.

Melatonin for Insomnia.
The use of Melatonin forinsomnia treatmentis becoming very popular as people are led to believe that MS are “ allnatural” and that it comes with little or no sideeffects. But what ismelatonin’s effect on insomnia? Does it really treat insomnia? The truth is that since melatonin is a hormone that determinessleep times and regulates the biological clock, melatonin supplements arebetter used in cases ofjet lag.Ihave used melatonin supplementsfor insomnia and have had very little resultswhilst some of myfriends have used it with outstanding results. So far there is noofficial word from the FDA or any professional medical source that melatonin isnot good for thetreatment of insomniabut there have been more results whenused to treat jet lag.

Side Effects of taking Melatonin.
You may ask, What is Melatonin side effect on my body? Melatonin Supplementscomeswith its own set of side effects. The side effects vary fromperson to person.Most of these side effects are mild and even in thecase of an over dose thereare little or no side effects in mostpeople.

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