Hip Hop (level 2) with Ginger Broussard

Ginger Broussard's Hip Hop at Your Neighborhood Studio is a challenging intermediate class taught in a noncompetitive environment, with a strong focus on musicality....

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Hip Hop (level 2)

Taking Class

Ginger Broussard’s Hip Hop offers a smooth, sexy style and a strong focus on musicality. Here, dancers learn routines that incorporate every sound in a song, from the lyrics to thebackbeat. Class members at Your Neighborhood Studio, a recreational studio, say they value the opportunity to take a class that offers this degree of challenge, but in a friendly, noncompetitive atmosphere.

In her class, Ginger says, “We will hit every single accent that I hear in the music!”

“We will hit every single accent!”

Though Ginger teaches to counts sometimes, she prefers not to. The music doesn’t count, she says. The music just plays, and it’s like a conductor telling you what to do. She hopes in her class people will listen to the song and tell a story with their bodies, instead of thinking “one and two and” in their heads.

So while challenging, it’s also a fun class, members say, where you’re encouraged to get the moves into your body and then just dance. Once the class learns the routine, they keep repeating it.

Ginger moves quickly in teaching the choreography, and class members appreciate her energy and the way she keeps them focused and engaged.

“She doesn’t let you diddle-daddle,” says Christine Lau.

Ginger also does things to challenge her class, like have the dancers turn around and do the routine facing away from the mirror.

But as long as you stay on your toes, it isn’t hard to follow Ginger’s teaching. Whether or not there are counts, she breaks the choreography down thoroughly. Class members say her way of simultaneously demonstrating the movements and explaining them in words really helps ensure that everyone can pick up the routine.

And Ginger is attuned to her class. She lets the dancers practice the choreography two or three times in a row with the music, and then asks if they need to run it again before moving on. She also pauses once in a while to ask if there are questions.

When she teaches, you can tell Ginger has a genuine appreciation for her class members’ dancing. She’s excited to see them perform her choreography!

Positive Energy

Ginger loves the positive energy in the room when people are there because they love to dance. She enjoys teaching people who have a passion for dance and have fun taking class—while learning something.

Ginger also really appreciates considerate dancers! A little flexibility and common-sense courtesy toward your fellow class members help keep the positive energy flowing.

Forward Movement

To Ginger, moving forward is the point in dance. Every time you receive a correction, it’s an opportunity to become a better dancer. The quicker you can put a correction in your body, she feels, the quicker you’ll improve. So it’s very gratifying to her to see a student incorporate a correction right away.

But it’s also okay to mess up a million times in her class, Ginger says. It’s about the learning process, not being a perfect dancer.

Even if you only get one eight count out of a routine, Ginger says, “every single time you learn something, that’s progress.”

Hip Hop (level 2)

Class in Brief

Ginger Broussard’s Hip Hop is a challenging class taught in a noncompetitive environment, with a sexy style and a strong focus on musicality. Ginger choreographs to every single accent she hears in the music!

Ginger moves fast in teaching the choreography, and dancers appreciate her energy and focus in class. Her breakdowns of the moves are thorough, and class members say her way of demonstrating the movements and explaining them in words at the same time really helps ensure that everyone can get the routine.

Once the dancers get the moves, they have fun dancing for the rest of class, repeating the routine for cardio. Ginger wants dancers to get out of their heads and just dance, and she enjoys seeing them perform her choreography.

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