Hip Hop with Hassan Christopher at Dance Arts Academy

Hassan Christopher's new open-level adult hip-hop class at Dance Arts Academy in L.A.'s Miracle Mile district starts May 17, 2011....

May 16, 2011

Hassan Christopher’s new open-level adult hip-hop class starts Tuesday, May 17. Class will be Tuesday and Thursday nights, 8-9 pm, at Dance Arts Academy inL.A.’sMiracle Mile district.

Dance Arts Academy describes Hassan’s class as funky, soulful, and high-energy, with smooth moves and hard-hitting beats. His dance style combines funk, house dancing, basic floor work, groove, and more.

Remember to street park! You’ll be able to find free street parking, especially in the evening. However, Dance Arts Academy does not have parking privileges in the large lot directly next to the studio. It belongs to the adjacent bank, which will tow your car.

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