Hornady ETX – Precise and well

The Hornady GMX is the case of many hunters for years, very popular. The only Problem: In the past, it came to precision issues, especially with weapons from German production. The American ammunition manufacturerhas reacted with the ETX-basement now.

(Photos: Markus Lück)

At this year’s exhibition IWA in Nuremberg, the novelty was presented in March. Since the summer, the lead-free projectile in the DJZ had to prove-Test. Was it shot from a Merkel RX Helix .30-06 with 51 inches of barrel length. The bullet weight is 10.7 grams. Currently, it is only in the .30-06 and .308 available.

After the Arrival of the ammunition for the weapon was shot immediately with the ETX. The precision from the short run was very satisfactory.

In the subsequent hunt test phase, the ETX was used both in Germany and abroad. From 5 Kilo-greenie up to around 100 kilograms heavy mane Springer all the pieces dropped on connection or after a short Death run. Shot distances from 15 to 200 meters. On all distances, the floor spoke with a large end face and the hollow-pointed bore very good. Hematoma formation was negligible. In the trade, 20-cartridge pack costs about 50 Euro.

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