How to Apply For 2016-2017 Armed Force Recruitment (Officers)

How to Apply For 2016-2017 Armed Force Recruitment...

How to Apply For 2016-2017 Armed Force Recruitment


  1. Acquire a scratch card at SEVENTYGHANACEDIS (GH₵70) from the any of the designated regional post offices. 
  2. Scratch gently to reveal the pin code. The scratch card can be used for three times until a record is successfully submitted.
  3. Log on to the recruitment portal @ with any of the following browsers:
    1. Mozilla Firefox.
    2. Google Chrome.
  4.  Read through the entry and general eligibility requirements thoroughly.
  5. Click onapply nowand select apply as Officer Cadet.
  6. Ensure your mobile phone’s Cell Broadcast Message Service is turned “ON”. This can be done by going through the following steps on your phone;
    1. Messages
    2. Message Settings
    3. Find “Cell Broadcast / Broadcast Message / CB Activation / Advertisement” depending on your brand of mobile phone.
    4. Set activation “ON”.
    5. Set all channels to “receive”.
  7. Enter the card serial number and Pin code for authentication.
  8. Select your preferred Arm of Service, commission type (Regular or Short Service) and desired vacancy as advertised.
  9. Provide all required academic and personal data and upload all relevant documents.
  10. Enter your personal details and take note of the following from pages 1 to 3:
    1. Page 1: Select your desired vacancy and provide all other required data.
    2. Page 2: Upload a scanned copy of your passport sized photograph of dimension (200 x 180 pixels), enter a valid e-mail address, personal mobile phone number in the format (233244123456) and enter any other required data.
    3. Page 3: Enter the results of only the TWO required core subjects on your WASSCE/SSCE Certificate, that is; COREMATHEMATICSAND CORE ENGLISH.
    4. Enter your WASSCE or SSCE Index number, WASSCE or SSCE results slip serial number . Upload only scanned copies of the following; WASSCE or SSCE Certificate and Degree Certificate (Degree, ).NB:Each scanned document (Passport picture, WASSCE or SSCE Certificate, Degree Certificate) to be uploaded, should not exceed 1(One) Megabyte and should be in JPEG picture format only.
  11. Click on the Preview Button to see a summary page of all data provided.  Read through this page carefully and click on the back button, if there are any modifications to be made.
  12. Click on the submit button and expect an instant e-mail and text message, which includes your unique system generated Identification Number.
  13. Print and keep a copy of the generated report as you will be required to present it, if you are Qualified. However, if you lose your copy of the final report, go back to the recruitment portal, click on the Check Details Tab, enter your unique identification number sent to you by SMS/E-Mail and order a re-print.
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