How to apply to nursing schools in Ghana

How to apply to nursing schools in Ghana Below is a step by step guide on how to apply to nursing schools in Ghana. check the accredited nursing schools here 6.0 GUIDE FOR APPLYING 6.0.1 Mode of Application Candidates can apply to Health Training Institutions, through A.  Purchasing scratch cards and filling the forms online (Internet Based Application)… Read More »...

How to apply to nursing schools in Ghana

Below is a step by stepguideonhow to applyto nursing schools inGhana.

check the accredited nursing schools here


6.0.1 Mode of Application

Candidates can apply toHealthTraining Institutions, through

APurchasing scratch cards and filling the forms online (Internet Based Application)

BApplication forms can be filled directly online at:www.mohadmissions.comusing yourSCRATCH CARD NUMBERandPIN CODE.

C.1.  Log

A. Guidelines for filling online forms

It is important to read all instructions carefully before completing the application form. Applicants are advised to complete every applicable portion of the form.

1. On theProgrammeSelection screen select the type programme you qualify for to apply. The options are a) BasicProgrammes(SSSCE) – For applicants applying withonly SSSCEresults

b) Basic Programmes (WASSCE)– For applying withonly WASSCEresults

c) Post Basic Programmes– For applicants who arealreadyhealthworkersand would like to further theireducation. 3. Enter card details on login screen to gain access to the Application Form

2. On the registration screen enter details as indicated

Information to look out for on the application form includes:

i.Personal Information of Applicant

Name of applicant:Applicants are to write their names correctly in this order: SURNAME, FIRST NAME and OTHER NAMES as provided on the form. Official names must correspond exactly with those used for all examinations taken e.g. SSCE. The same must be used for registration on admission to the college, unless there is a legal proof of change of name.

Address of applicant:Applicants are advised to provide accurate information on their current addresses on both the form and the envelope to enable the college of choice communicate to them and also avoid incidence of returned unclaimed letters. Applicants are to provide both a correspondence address and residential address if they are not the same.

Phone number and email of applicant:Applicants are advised to provide accurate information on their current phone numbers and email address to enable easy communication between them and the college of choice. In situations where the phone number of the applicant changes, the school of choice must be duly informed.

Information on Guardian:Applicants are advised to provide sufficient and accurate information on parents / guardians as indicated on the form to make it easy to contact them when necessary.

ii.Academic Profile of Applicant and Work Experience

Applicants for Basic programmes are to provide accurate details of all Academic qualifications relevant to their application. Applicants are given the opportunity to enter results for three sittings. Applicants are to provide the overall aggregate of six subjects (3 core + 3 electives from the stated elective programmes refer to iii) for each sitting using the West African Examination Council Examination equivalences. Applicants with experience in a Health related field are also to provide details of their work experience.

Applicants for Post Basic programmes should in addition to their Academic qualification, provide details of all relevant professional experience as pertains to their programme.

iii.Choice of Programme and School

Applicants are to select their programme of choice and school in this section. All available programmes have been indicated inAppendix B. Applicants should carefully go through the programmes available, select the appropriate one and write it in the space provided. Schools offering the various programmes have also been indicated inAppendix B.Candidates are to select the appropriate Institution for the programme chosen and indicate it in the space provided. Please note thatonly one programmecan be selected for each form purchased.


This section is in two parts. The first part is to be filled by the applicant whiles the second part is to be filled by a person of high repute (Head of former Secondary School, a Reverend Minister or a Director of a Public service or equivalent) in the case of Basic programmes, the Head of your present employment (in the case of post-basic programme applicants)

NB. Fields marked with asterix (*) are mandatory.

5.Click onContinueto go to confirmation page

6.Check to see if information provided is accurate

7.Click onConfirmif accurate orEditif there are errors to return and make corrections

8.Click onPrinter Iconto print out form

10. Fill and sign the declaration form and endorse it appropriately

9.Post the printout, WAEC Results and declaration form viaFedEXto the school of choice. NB. Indicate clearly, theprogramme you applied forat the back of the envelope

10.Please ensure that you keep a photocopy of the form you send to the school for reference

Please note you must not spend more than 30 minutes on a single page, or you will be automatically logged out.

Caution:One Code canONLYbe used to apply for one programme. Any editing with overwrites your previous information. Using one card to apply for two programmes with render your application void.

6.0.1 Online Admission Codes

1.Application forms and scratch cards can be obtained at all Health Training Institutions and other designatedsalespoints.

2.Forms should be purchased atGH60

3.FedEX Envelopeshould be purchased atGH15

4.Completed Forms must bereturned to the school of choiceeither in person or bycourier (FedEX), not later than


6.0.2Submission of Completed Application Forms

1.Completed application forms can be posted or submitted to the school of choice as follows:

a.Use a large sized envelope for postage to the school of choice

b.Self-addresstwo quarter size envelopes to enable the college of choice communicate with you.

2.The completed application form must be accompanied with the following:

a.Photocopies of result slips/certificates

b.Twoself-addressed quarter size envelopes

6.1Admission Conditions

1.Short listed candidates will be required to attend a selection interview, after which successful candidates will be offered admission.

2.Admission is subject to passing a medical examination, thus candidates will be expected to undertake a medical examination at any recognized government hospital.

3.All applicants admitted into any Ministry of Health /Mission Institution will be expected to sign a bond with Government ofGhanato serve for a number of years after training. Further information on this can be obtained from the Human Resource for Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health.

4.Admission of serving officers (to post basic programmes) is subject to approval from Head of Institution / Agency.

6.2Special Notice

District Assemblies are encouraged to offer bursaries to candidates into any Health Training Institution. This is aimed at supporting those candidates during training so that they will be deployed to the respective Districts to work after their training.

The Ministry of Health has developed operational guidelines for District Assembly Support and the guidelines have been disseminated to all District Assemblies.

List of shortlisted candidates will be published:

 on the application website atwww.mohadmissions.comoat candidates school of choice

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