How To Disassemble Your Dryer

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Instructions for disassembling your Frigidaire model dryer.

Instructional Video: How To Disassemble Your Frigidaire Dryer

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How To Disassemble Your Dryer

How To Disassemble Your Dryer

Tools needed: screwdriver.

1. For many repairs, you will need to disassemble your dryer. To do this, first unplug the appliance before beginning.

2. Your next step is to release the main top. Whether your model has a control panel at the rear or at the front, the procedure is the same.

3. Insert a putty knife under the front of the main top to release the spring clips.

4. Now rotate the top up and support it.

5. Depending on your model, the next step is to disconnect the door switch wires, or the wire harness. If necessary, you may also need to remove the zip-tie securing the wires.

6. Now remove the front panel mounting screws and pull the front panel up and out to remove.

7. Your next step is to remove the screws to release the rear access panel.

8. Reach in to the cabinet and push the idler pulley to release the tension on the belt, and unthread the belt from the pulley and motor shaft.

9. If applicable, detach the spacer at the front of the cabinet by removing the mounting screw.

10. Now use the belt to help lift the drum up and out to gain full access to the interior of the dryer.

11. To reassemble your dryer, replace the drum into the cabinet and position by lowering the bearing hitch into the cup.

12. Reinstall the spacer.

13. Reach through the rear panel and thread the belt onto the pulley and motor shaft in a zigzag formation.

14. Now rotate the drum to help align the belt.

15. Position the rear access panel and secure the screws.

16. Reinstall the front panel by aligning the slots at the bottom of the panel with the support clips, then lift up the drum as you snap the front panel into place.

17. Secure the mounting screws and reconnect the wire harness or door switch wires, depending on your model.

18. Use a zip-tie to secure the wires.

19. Rotate the main top back into place and press down on the front to secure the spring clips.

20. You’re now ready to plug the appliance back in.

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