How to Install a Terminal Block on an Electric Range

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When a new electric range is delivered to your home,  it does not ship with a power cable connected to the unit.

Terminal block kit for electric ranges

Terminal block kit for electric ranges

This is because there are four possible wiring configurations for the range, depending on the wiring in your home.

When the electric range is installed, a three or four wire conduit or power cable must be connected to the terminal block at the rear of the unit.

If the terminal block on your older electric range is damaged, the range will not be able to obtain the electic power it needs to function.

The damaged terminal block must be replaced with and a new one for the range to operate.

Watch this video or read the instructions below on how to install an electric stove terminal block:

Electric Range Terminal Block Replacement Video

Electric Range Terminal Block Replacement Video

  • Make sure that the power to the range is disconnected.
  • Line up the new terminal block screw holes with the screw holes in the rear of the range.
  • First slip the range power supply wires over the terminal block posts, then install a washer and nut on each post.
  • Position the two black wires on the left terminal post; the white wire on the center post; the red wire on the right post.
  • Lodge a washer on the other side of each nut and connect the conduit wires.
  • Again, connect the black wire to the left terminal post, the white wire to the center post; the red wire to the right post.
  • Attach the conduit wires with the three final nuts that have been included with the new terminal block.
  • Hook the green grounding wire to the grounding post – depending on model, it is located either above or below the terminal block.
  • If you are using a three-wire conduit cable, make sure to install the grounding plate that is included with the terminal block, to the center terminal and connect it to the grounding post.
  • Reinstall the rear range panel and restore power to the range.

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