How to Login Reflex Credit Card to get Instant Benefits

Members of Reflex Bank can login Reflex Credit Card by visiting to view their account and get Instant Benefits....

The Reflex master card is a credit card for those with bad credit from Continental Finance and it’s far pretty similar to their other cards in that you could both be accredited for an unsecured or secured model. There are a few expenses that you have to be aware on getting this card.

Clients with a Reflex master card can make use of the Reflex credit card login at their official site by visiting to test their credit card balance, view statements, and make online payments.

Method for to login Reflex Credit Card

If you’re a Reflex master card cardholder that has registered for an online account you may take benefit of the 24/7 on-line banking function via the CFC Card info homepage serviced by means of Continental Finance agency. The site is unfastened to use for all registered users and can be accessed from your desktop computer or any mobile that has an internet browser and net carrier.

In selective section, you will need to enter your 16-digit credit card sequence to start the registration technique. Once you’ve entered your sequence click on submit. In the next step, you have to enter some personal security questions to create credentials.

Information of Reflex Credit Card

When you’ve logged in for your Reflex credit card account there are some functions available which helps you to manipulate your account conveniently. The Reflex Card information website is a handy website to all cardholders allowing you toview all of your credit card data and transactions on-line, view your account briefing, make monthly payments, and make changes to your secret information.

Reflex Credit Card details:

Annual charge:  $125 for first year. Then $96 from the second-year rewards.

Additional Card fee: $30

Monthly preservation price: None for the primary 12 months. Then $10 a month.

Annual Percentage Rate: 30.49%

Basic restriction: $500

Increasing Card Limit:according to the phrases and situations, your account can be reviewed for an increase credit card limit after1 year.The most restrict that you could ever get in this card is $2,000.

Payments through Reflex Credit Card

Making on-line bills may be very easy for Reflex cardholders as they could pay their monthly credit card bill from their online account through their bank checking account. You may need to save your private financial bank account information inside your account, this consists your bank routing sequence and your bank number. For online Payment simply visit

while it’s time to make your scheduled monthly payment just pick out how much you need to pay and pay through automated bank draft, out of your checking account. You could also setup routine payments on a particular day every month to automatically pay your invoice which is even more convenient.
Customers that don’t opt to pay their bill online can use numerous other payment alternatives as mailing their charge. The address for mailing for your charge is:

Continental Finance organization
PO box 31292
Tampa, FL 33631-3292

There’s additionally the choice to pay via phone, Western Union, or Money gram.

Billing Statements: 

To get the full use of online Banking Reflex Credit card, cardholders should take benefit of the E-statement function so that it will let you obtain your billing assertion online as compared to receiving a paper statement. When your assertion is prepared you could login in your account. Moreover, if you want to see the billing Statement then simply visit

E-statements help you via saving on paper and you may view your statements digitally from any device which allows you to enter your Reflex credit card login.
Every billing announcement will include in your account summary information, monthly transaction interest for the current and a couple of previous billing cycles. 

Comparison with other cards:

The Reflex master card is issued by Continental Finance. Whilst you evaluate the expenses of this card to different cards like the Verve, Surge etc., you quickly realize that the charges and costs are the same. Due to the fact this card should both be an unsecured credit card or a secured credit card; we must evaluate it to both varieties of cards.

As anunsecured card, the charges and prices are excessive as compared to the higher cards available. For instance, credit One prices an annual price between $0 and $99. Other cards like Milestone and Indigo also charge fee and an annual rate and don’t have any monthly maintenance price.

When you have to put down a deposit, then this card might be basically asecured card. And works as a prospective of secured credit card, this would be a completely high-priced one. Whilst most secured cards have an annual charge from $0 to $50, you would be paying $125 annual fee inside the first year and $96 + $120(month-to-month protection rate) = $216 in costs from the second 12 months onwards.





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