How to Make Your Wife Happy

“Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage.” — Amy Bloom

Need to know how to make your wife happy? Maybe you just got a bit drunk at a party and embarrassed her, or maybe you’ve done something more serious to really earn her wrath. It could be that you just want to make your wife happy to improve the state of your marriage or to encourage more romance.

No matter the reason, there are a few simple things you can do to make your wife happy.

Let’s start out by understanding what we mean by a “happy wife”.

A Portrait of a Happy Wife

Our happy wife is middle-aged but carefree. She loves her life — she has the freedom to pursue her own interests as well as lots of things in common with her husband that she can share.

And that husband — he has a job that’s good enough to maintain their lifestyle but not so overbearing that she never gets to see him. He loves her, and she knows he loves her. He does little things to demonstrate his love, to keep her happy, and sometimes just to keep the marriage lighthearted and romantic.

She is content not because her life is perfect right now, but because she is happy with her marriage, and probably because she is optimistic about the future.

The happy wife shares chores and house duties with her husband and is part of a marriage that stands together when it comes to the details of raising kids.

What Does Your Wife Want?

How to Make Your Wife Happy

1. A strong emotional connection. This means that there should be ‘love’ in the house. You aren’t just business partners or child rearing partners, you make love and you display love together. You should be more than a husband in name only, you should be your wife’s friend and confidant. She should feel safe sharing her life and her personal feelings with you.

2. Emotional honesty and openness. Communicate about your life — not just what happened at the office, but what is going on in your head. Talk about your feelings. Be honest with your wife. This helps you work better together as a team and it will make it easier to live an entire lifetime with one person.

3. A good provider. Yes, being married to a woman does mean that you take on at least a 50% role of provider. Have a good job. You don’t need to be a wealthy doctor or lawyer, but you should be proud of your work, and it should provide for your family’s needs. When you can, splurge on your wife to prove that you are totally capable of providing what she wants.

4. A partner that shows interest. Talk to your wife about what she wants out of life, about her dreams and her goals. Then help provide that for her. That way you’re showing interest and her life and acting as provider. That’s a win-win situation. If you know the ins and outs of your wife’s needs, emotionally, financially, or otherwise, she will feel closer to you, and will love you all the more.

5. A partner that pursues happiness. Being sad, depressed, or mentally unhealthy in any way is a big let down for those who love you, especially those who live with you on a daily basis. Become a happier person, do things you like, and sacrifice a little bit of working time to have fun times with your wife and family.

Ten Little Things to Do Everyday to Make Her Happy

  1. Surprise your wife with a meal cooked just for her — a full meal with dessert and wine. Think of her favorite foods and cook them yourself, surprising her after a long day at work or a late event with the kids.
  2. Be friendly with her family and friends, show her that her world is just as important as your own. Besides the fact that your life will be easier if you’re friendly with the in-laws, there’s the fact that you’ll be spending a lot of time around these people in the future.
  3. Do a chore that she hates for her. She’ll probably do the same for you, and you will not only show that you are willing to work to help her around the house but that you don’t mind taking on an otherwise unsavory task for her benefit.
  4. Pick up her favorite dessert or snack on the way home from work. It shows you’re thinking about her.
  5. Give your wife a back massage or rub her feet after a hard day of work or housework.
  6. Pay your wife a different compliment every day. Don’t just say whatever comes to mind — really think about something nice about her and tell her.
  7. Do something fun with your wife every day. It can be a trip to the batting cages after dinner or making dessert together with your kids.
  8. Kiss your wife first thing in the morning. Make it a daily routine.
  9. Share a favorite sports team with your wife — and talk about it. That way you can watch sports and the two of you have something in common that you’re passionate about.
  10. Pour your wife a glass of juice or a cup of coffee so it is ready after she wakes up. This is one little step that goes a long way to ease marital tension.

Really it is simple things like this that make all the difference between an unsatisfied married life and a happy love relationship.

Making Your Wife Happy Tips for Husbands

You’ve probably heard it said that a happy wife means a happy life. This is true — women today have so much pressure on them to be beautiful as well as powerful that having a close friend, a good lover, and a meaningful relationship at home can mean the difference between a happy and optimistic outlook or a sad and depressed one.

You can be the difference in your wife’s state of mind. Do nice things for her everyday, give her what she’s looking for in a husband, and think of her needs before you think of your own. If you can follow that advice, you’ll have a happy life indeed.

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