How To Obtain Your NSS Pincode

How To Obtain Your NSS Pincode...

How To Obtain Your NSS Pincode

  1. Click onMy NSS Pincode under theApplicationsmenu.You will see a page with interface like this:

2. Put in your School Index Number or School ID Number to retrive your NSS PIN Code



Go to anyAgricultural Development Bank (ADB)to pay your registration fee

On the NSS Website (

Go toAPPLICATIONtab, a drop down menu will appear, click onENROLL

You will see a page with interface like this:

Use a standard passport picture when uploading your photo, the size of the passport picture should be less than or equal to 1mb (3.5 x 4.5 cm dimension is recommended but not mandatory)

  1. Click onNew Enrollment
  2. Click on the PIN tab and enter your PIN Number and your School Index Number
  3. Make sure the PIN Number you have entered isCORRECTand then click onGET ENROLLMENT FORM
  4. When access is gained, the form comes with your name, the institution attended and course pursued already inserted.
  5. Please ensure that all tab-spaces are correctly filled to avoid the form being rejected
  6. All tab spaces on the form, where triangles are seen, are pull-down menu. (You have a list to select from)
  7. If you are Working and Schooling, fill the appropriate field and send copies of letters granting you study leave to the NSS Headquarters via fax :03221-769074/772714 or to the nearest NSS office.
  8. Scan your passport picture inJPEGformat(size not to be more than 1mb but can be less), then browse for the location where this picture has been saved to select the picture
  9. After completing the form, you then submit the form by clicking onSUBMIT.
  10. After submission, the sytem then generates an NSS number which would appear on top left hand of the enrollment form. e.g. NSSGUG123409
  11. You then go back to the first window, but this time click onQUERY ENROLLMENTtab and enter theNSS NUMBERwhich the system generated for you and yourSchool Index Number.
  12. Click onGET ENROLLMENT FORMtab, when this is done, your form appears with the picture on it which should be printed and kept as a copy.
  13. TheNSS NUMBERgenerated is the number you will use to get your posting information and not thePIN NUMBERyou used for registration.
  14. Do not addNSSto the back of yourPIN NUMBERand consider it to be yourNSS number.




On the NSS Website (

Go toDEPLOYMENTtab, a drop down menu will appear, click onCHECK POSTING

You will see a page with interface like this:


  1. Enter yourNSS NUMBERto access your posting
  2. Click onSUBMITand patiently wait for the result
  3. Your posting information will appear
  4. Click on thePOSTING LETTERtab to display the posting letter
  5. You thenprint two (2) copiesof your posting information and your posting letters
  6. Your Posting letters and posting information printed are to be taken to theRegional Directorin the region of your posting for endorsement

A copy of your appointment letter is kept by the region and that of the establishment you have been posted to, after it has been sent to them for endorsement as having assumed duty, a copy is kept by the establishment whilst the second copy is sent to the Regional Director by the service person.

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