How to Replace a Dryer Belt

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If your dryer is able to turn on but does not spin, the most likely culprit is a loose, broken or worn out dryer drive belt.

Drive Belts for most brands and types of dryers

Drive Belts for most brands and types of dryers

Replacing the belt on your dryer is a fairly simple repair that most appliance owners can perform on their own, with a bit of guidance.

Find the model number on your dryer, then purchase the belt that fits your unit.Even if you don’t have the model number of your dryer, we will guide you and help you find the belt that matches your unit.

To take the old dryer belt out and replace with a new part, follow the easy step-by-step instructions on this video, or read  the directions below.

Dryer Belt replacement videos

Dryer Belt replacement videos

  • The first thing to do is make sure that the belt on your dryer is broken, so unscrew the dryer lid and take it off.
  • Check out the dryer drum and the thin rubber belt that surrounds it for wear and tear.
  • If you don’t see the belt, it might have gotten loose and fallen off, so check the bottom of the dryer to see if it’s there.
  • Check on the wall of the dryer or behind the door to see what the model number of your dryer is, type it here and purchase a replacement belt for the type and brand of your unit.
  • Once you have the correct dryer belt for your unit, unscrew the front panel and tilt your unit forward until you can slide the belt around the bottom part of the dryer drum.
  • Reattach the front panel of your dryer back on, then turn the unit to the back and take off the lower panel.
  • Attach the belt to the pulley and motor of the dryer, looping the belt around the pulley first, then attaching to the arm of the motor. Different dryers have different ways of attaching dryer belt, so to find out how yours looks, visit this dryer belt diagram resource.
Dryer Belt Diagrams for most types and brands of dryers

Dryer Belt Diagrams for most types and brands of dryers

  • Close the back panel of the dryer and your machine is ready to do its job.

More dryer parts, repair help, diagnostic information, help videos and more.

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