How to Romance a Woman

If you are new to love and you want to know how to romance a woman, read the following advice for kindling passion in your love affair. Romance is about making a woman realize the emotion and sentiment you havefor her, hopefully producing in her the warm feelings and passions that makelove so wonderful. Tokens of affections and sentimental gestures are justtwo of the weapons in your romantic arsenal, and so much of romance is aboutgetting the timing right. When you have just the right romantic move at justthe right time, love is magical. If your timing is off, the wheels can shootoff quickly. So read these romance tips and get your romantic timing down.

Love and Romance

How to Romance a Woman

Beforewe start, understand that romancing a woman is only going to work if you have a shot. If a woman doesn’t find you attractive, no romantic gestureand no amount of attention is going to change her mind. That’s rule #1 about romantic timing: it’s never a good time if she isn’t into you.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship or you are trying to romance a girl who does have affection for you and attraction to you, thenyou’ll often find your romantic moves are deceptively easy. Once again,get the time and place right and it’s going to be hard to mess up theromance. Your average woman has a healthy streak of romance in her, and whenher no-nonsense man suddenly shows he wants to be romantic, they are usuallygoing to respond in kind. Their surprise is going to bestow the smallestgesture with the deepest meaning.

Surprise Her

When romancing a woman, surprising her with the romantic moments iskey. It’s good when a women can’t predict your next action. It’s saidwomen like bad boys, but that’s only because they can’t predict what a badboy is going to do next. This creates a sense of anticipation. You don’thave to be a bad guy to create a sense of anticipation in a woman–all youhave to do is surprise her in good way.

The moment a woman has you entirely figured out, she might start toget bored with you. So keep a few aces up your sleeve and surprise herwith the random romantic move when she least expects it.

Time the Romance

Everything is a matter of timing. A romantic note about how youfeel may not be appropriate when she’s preoccupied with personal problems orfamily issues. A big kiss might be out of place in a crowded room, if it’searly in the relationship or she doesn’t like displays of public affection.You have to pick your shots and make them count, because an ill-timedromantic move is going to be worse than no move at all.

Compliment a Woman

Don’t be afraid to compliment a woman. Like anyone else, a womanlikes to be complimented, especially if it doesn’t happen often. Don’t getme wrong: this principle works for women prone to getting complicated, too.If you’re dating a woman who is drop-dead gorgeous and has baby blue eyes,she probably gets complicated on her blue eyes all the time. Find somethingelse to compliment her about, something you expect she doesn’t receive asmany compliments about. Make it sincere. Actually pick out something youadmire her for. But if she’s a beautiful woman, a compliment about herbrains or her wit is going to stand out more.

Compliments show affection and can’t hurt a woman’s self-esteem, so don’tbe afraid to praise a woman. Don’t overdo it, though. You can giveout so many compliments that you seem fawning, even desperate. You’ll find alaw of diminishing returns, even a point where compliments work against you,if you give out too many. When she pauses, shrugs her shoulders, or rollsher eyes, that’s deadly to the romance. Sprinkle the compliments, but don’tpour.

Get the Basics Right

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. A candlelight dinner with asingle rose and nice romantic music works just fine. Subtlety andunderstatement often work better than spending lots of money. Women loveto have a man cook them a meal, provided you have any skills at cooking andyour presentation is good. If not, take her to a romantic restaurant wherethe lighting is low and the scene is relaxing. Especially when you firststart dating, keeping it simple is good.

Gifts in Their Time

Just like anyone else, women love gifts. Roses, candy, perfume, andjewelry are all romantic gifts. This is where timing becomes a bigfactor, though. You don’t want to introduce these too soon and in the wrongorder. Jewelry is a pretty serious step, so be sure you don’t send the wrongmessage here. You might be putting undo pressure on her, so don’t give her aring of any sort until you’ve been dating a while. A bracelet, a necklace,or ear rings are probably more appropriate, because they don’t carry withthem the same symbolic meaning. In either case, these should only appearafter you’ve been dating a while.

Start out with flowers or treats. When you buy her flowers, avoidthree dozen red roses the first time you do it. If you do, this might makeyou look desperate to please. Even if it works, if you get her one dozenroses the next time, she’s going to be disappointed. Start out small andwork yourself up to the big bouquet of red roses–probably after you’vereally messed up big. Also, fragrances are only going to work if you knowshe enjoys the perfume. If she doesn’t like a fragrance–and women havewildly different sets of body chemistry and personal tastes–then it’s notgoing to be much of a gift. So know before you give this kind of gift ifit’s appropriate.

Don’t do this too soon. The first date is not the time to give her agift, no matter how well-intentioned it is. It’s going to put a sense ofexpectation on her, and she won’t like that pressure. If you shower herwith gifts early on, she might wonder why you’re so desperate for herapproval.

Don’t Ignore Romance

Don’t ignore the romantic aspects of your relationship if you aredating a woman. You might not find them important, but you can bet shesure does. If you don’t do the romance thing very well, she’s going tonotice the void and deduct points. She might find her a man who’s just asnice and just as handsome, but who brings a little romance into her life. Donot neglect this part of the relationship.

Don’t Spoil Her

I touched on this earlier, but I want to make it explicit. Do not spoilher with romance. Don’t inundate the relationship with meaninglessromantic gestures. A constant stream of gifts and love notes and “I loveyou” texts is going to get old–and quick. These have to be spaced outenough to surprise her. She can’t come to expect them, or it becomes aboutas predictable as the man with no romantic bone in his body. She’ll notice aflood of romance, just as she notices the complete lack of it.

The key to romance is doing the unexpected. Don’t let her see itcoming and you’ll have a magical moment. I said it before, but I’ll say itagain–timing is everything in romance.

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