HYPE Studios Is Now Boogiezone Utopia

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Nov 4, 2011

As of November 2011, the former HYPE Studios Cultural Arts Center in Torrance, CA, is nowBoogiezoneUtopia,Boogiezone‘s first physical studio in the United States. Congratulations to Boogiezone and Boogiezone head Elm Pizarro!

Boogiezone, “Your Online Dance Community Connection,” is a dance community organization based in Los Angeles / Orange County, CA. Boogiezone has long offered weekly drop-in community classes at the former HYPE Studios in Torrance, Jayvee Dance Center in Alhambra, and Focus Dance Center in Irvine.

We are updating the Boogiezone Utopia / HYPE Studios profile bit by bit to reflect the new studio. All classes are the same as on the previous HYPE Studios schedule as of now. Boogiezone is getting settled in and has many plans in the works.

Boogiezone Utopia has a Facebook page and plans to launch a new web site soon. For now, you can check classes on the online Boogiezone Utopia class schedule on the HYPE Studios web site.

We know some of you have had questions, so we’ve put together a quick timeline to summarize the history of HYPE Studios, now Boogiezone Utopia.

A Brief History of HYPE Studios / Boogiezone Utopia

  • 2003: HYPE Studios was founded in Hermosa Beach by its original owner, Tricia Gomez, a dancer and former L.A. Laker Girl.
  • Approx. 2007: Tricia Gomez moved HYPE Studios from Hermosa Beach to the Carson St studio location in Torrance.
  • Nov 2010: Moving on in her career, Tricia Gomez sold HYPE Studios to Quami and Katisha Adams, who were both longtime dance teachers at the studio. KPA Fusion Dance Repertoire (of whichQuamiandKatishaAdams sit on the Board of Trustees) became HYPE Studios’ parent company.
  • Nov 2011: HYPE Studios is now Boogiezone Utopia, Boogiezone’s first physical dance studio in the United States. Elm Pizarro, head of Boogiezone (“Your Online Dance Community Connection”), owns the studio. (Note: HYPE Studios had hosted a Thursday night Boogiezone Community Class for years.)
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