In Europe “we must accept that this will continue”

Current developments in Europe, says that all must recognize, the proliferation will continue....

Officials warned Thursday that the epidemic in Europe probably will get significantly worse before it is contained, since the number of infections on the continent has increased dramatically from less than 4,000 on Wednesday to more than 5000, and at least 160 people were killed.

“Currently, it is highly likely that the virus will spread significantly,” — said the representative of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where the number of cases increased from 87 to 115.

Dilek kalayci the local health Minister in Berlin, said, “We must recognize that this will continue and we will have confirmed more new cases. No one can stop it spreading “.

In the most affected European countries, the number of cases that experienced the biggest one-day jump yet from 3089 to 3858 in Italy; with 262 482 in Germany; and from 285 to 423 in France. In the Netherlands the number of infections more than doubled from 38 to 82.

The number of deaths in Italy, which is the source of outbreaks in several other countries, has increased from 107 to 148, which is the highest figure outside of China.

Great Britain and Switzerland reported its first death from mers on Thursday, and Spain second. In Berlin, officials said that three of the 13 cases cannot be associated with any other, suggesting that the virus is spreading in the city unnoticed.

The organizers of the Paris marathon moved the event from April 5 to October 18.

Many cases in Germany occurred from a person who took part in the carnival celebration last month in the Western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where he contracted hundreds of other revelers.

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